BLACK FRIDAY SALES Once a year... Some of us go crazy! Hot deals can be had in this one day forum.

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Long Beard's BF MISC Sales

NOTE: I am leaving the country on Sunday. This means that this year my sale will only run until Saturday morning, so I can ship everything out by Saturday before the USPS closes at noon EST. If you see something after I'm gone, you'll need to wait a week and a half and we can work stuff out.

Unless specifically noted, all items DO NOT include shipping. This way you can combine shipping on a bunch of items. So when you contact me you'll need to provide a zip code if you're in the US, or tell me a country. I WILL ship internationally, but you pay what I pay. I'll do what I can.

Also be sure to check my marker sale thread as well so you can pick everything up at once.

Trade items:
JT Amber Elite Thermal lens
Rare old bits
Some Sheridan parts
Unique old hoppers or masks
Some old manufacturers patches
Olie goalie mask (HA)

Newly refinished Hurricane stock. Dark wood. 60 plus shipping

Sheridan LB body. No internals. Just the body. $14 plus SOLD

Top left....wood grips. MINT condition $5 SOLD
bottom left Battle grips. They are worn and have definitely been used. Still lots of life left. $10 SOLD
Bottom bottle bracket for a KP-3. Needs some paint. $10SOLD

Cocker could make me an offer for the whole bundle.....
-blue entire front block comes with Kapp rock and some wear on the block itself $10 SOLD
-red front block in good shape $10 SOLD
-chrome front block with banjo bolt $3 SOLD
-red 2k back block some minor scratches $3 SOLD
- 3 way $4 SOLD
-eclipse nexus ram $20 SOLD
-unknown ram $4 SOLD
-either arm $4 (BOTTOM longer arm is SOLD....other arm still available)

-Chrome slider frame I've had in a box for years $15 SOLD
-double trigger $1 SOLD
-quick release pull pin X2 $4 each
-stock pull pin $2
-unknown expansion chamber $1 SOLD
-banjo bolts x2 $1.50 each Both SOLD
-stock beavertail $2
-CCM? Beavertail $5 SOLD

-thread savers x2 $1.50 each Both SOLD
-sizers rings lot of 3 $5
-drop forward $4
-guage $3
-crossfire reg $10 SOLD
-PPS rock $15 SOLD

(left to right)
stock bolts 2x $3 1 SOLD Other STILL AVAILABLE
OTP slingshot bolt $11
unknown venturi bolt $8 SOLD

48/3000 Pure Energy Tank. Out of Hydro. W/ Extreme Rage cover and fill nipple. There is a ding out of the end. It still works and seals up. I got it this way and used it twice just to see if it worked. It does. $9

Empire Grind pants. Never used on a paintball field. Only to practice snap shooting in the back yard. Adult medium 32-36 waist. 39 plus shipping

Empire Invert Pants SMALL. Used but not abused. No holes that I see. Some wear, but not bad. No frayed edges not even at the ankle. Adult small 28-32 (or I'd keep them myself) 19 plus shipping

Old Paintball Junkies jersey. Black and red. It's used. No major rips or holes....but it is worn a bit. $7 plus SOLD

Ronin Gear Flipped Out Too SC pack. Excellent condition except for a rip in it in the squeegie pouch. It could easily be sewen up. 11 plus shipping

Pocket Hoppers (down left side, then down right side)
WGP 40 Round hopper in good shape. $3
“Paintball” 40 Round hopper in good shape $3
2x GOG 50 round pocket hoppers. One on the left is brand new just out of the wrapper. $5 each (2 available)
Brass Eagle hopper no lid, good neck $2
Brass Eagle hopper w/lid neck is dinged up $2
Brass Eagle hopper w/lid and good neck $3

(starting in upper left and moving clockwise)
LARGE Indian Springs Maxi Loader w/ Neoprene cover. Great shape $5
LARGE Indian Springs Maxi Loader w/ Neoprene cover. Good shape. Some tape $4
USI version of small Maxi Loader. w/ plastic lid. Minty condition $5
Indian Springs smaller Maxi Loader (100 rounds?) $5
Sight Feeder hopper in really good condition. Rubber lid is nice and clear $6
PMI Sight Feeder hopper in good condition. Rubber is a little yellow from age....but not brittle. Still good. $5

Neoprene (across the top then below)
20 oz. Neoprene tank cover mint condition $3
Not really sure for this big guy....maybe 68/3k? condition with tag $3
Also not sure on this one either....maybe 48/3k?....good condition $2.50 (take both of the unknowns for 5)
Mint condition camo Revy hopper cover $4
mint condition tank covers 9oz and 12oz....I actually have 3 of the 12's....but one fell off the bench before I took the picture $2 each


From the top down. All are old J&J hardchromes. I'm pretty sure that J&J just had a guy in a shop doing whatever he wanted with a drill press and a mill. (top down)

#35...J&J hardchrome Automag 12” unported, straight rifling. $12
#52...J&J hardchrome Automag 10” slot ported no rifling $12
#33...J&J hardchrome Automag 10” slot ported no rifling $12
#100...J&J hardchrome Automag 12” porting at the end in rows. no rifling $12
#34...J&J hardchrome Automag 10” 3 rows of porting on one side. Straight rifling (it's brother is in brass below) $12
#94...J&J Hardchrome Automag 10” Spiral Muzzle Break Porting No rifling $12

Some fun J&J brass barrels (top to bottom)
-Red #5 Brass J&J 10” Automag barrel straight rifling $15 SOLD
-#51 Brass J&J 12” Automag barrel. slot ported, no rifling $15 SOLD
-(no number) J&J Brass Automag 12” 3 rows of porting on one side. No rifling (it's brother is a hardchrome above) $15
-Red #2 Brass J&J 14” Automag barrel. Porting at the end in rows. No rifling $15 SOLD
-#43 Brass J&J 12” Automag barrel. Small spiral porting. No rifling. (as I looked in for rifling...there is some corrossion inside....I know it could be buffed out...just want you to know it's there currently) $15 SOLD
-lastly a Crown Point Automag barrel 11”. Great shape. $7 SOLD

(Top to bottom)
- 14” Proto Spyder threaded one piece barrel. Excellent condition $7
-Smart Parts Angel threaded $6 SOLD
-Eagle Works Angel threaded. Brand new. Still with price tag. $4
-Stock 98 barrel $1 SOLD

-14” J&J two piece Spyder threaded $7
-14” J&J ceramic Spyder threaded $7
-17” Taso Stone Cold II 3 piece barrel Spyder threaded $6 SOLD

-Stock black cocker threaded barrel. This thing has some meat to it. I've seen them bored for freak inserts...though this one is not yet $6
- 14” CMI Tru-Flight barrel. Straight rifling. $8
-Eagle Works cocker threaded $5 SOLD

Sheridan based raincover. It has black electrical tape around the outside, but I believe that's only for aesthetic value. Two slots cut, one fits the ball site snuggly. $10 plus SOLD

Sites (have not tested either)
Armson site. Some small nicks from use, but seems to be solid $20 SOLD
Acepoint II site Good condition. Untested by me. $7

I don't know where these came from. I think things just appear in my basement sometimes.....that and my memory is horrible. (top left best I can) make me an offer on everything pictured!
-Angel chrome twisted volumizer. Mint in package $8 SOLD
-Angel bolt mint in package $5
-3x chain triggers mint in package $6 each one SOLD TWO AVAILABLE
-32 degree Angel grips mint in package $3
-New Designs....something or other....pull knob? Mint in package $1 SOLD
-PMR blue Alloy back cap mint in package $5

(top down)
nylon wrapped remote line w/ quick release end. $8
braided line with spyder asa $1
braided line with normal fittings and ASA screw in $5
Lucky PM5 Unichip Board. New in sealed bag with box $4

JT visors. $1.50 each

Again I'm not sure how I even got these. I've had them for well over a year. I want them gone.
Take ALL of these paddles for $4 plus shipping SOLD

(far left) Spyder to cocker ASA adapter new in has been opened but still new $3
(top down)
Shocktech chrome dropforward $7
Chrome System X dropforward with on/off ASA $9
Un-known small drop $4
(far right)
ACI grip block ASA $5

Padded “Paintball” gun bag. This is super padded. The zipper is broken on the “parts” compartment, but would still be great for toting your marker around. $5 plus

5 up pod pack. I use the same kind with 50 round pods upside down. Has a small pouch on the side (I put 12 grams in there). Fits nice. This one has been sprayed with paint and they didn't wash it. Could be a quick clean up. $5 (I have pods if you want

A pair of old school pod packs. Both are 4x1. Both in good condition. Come with the pods shown...if you need more let me know we can work it out. $4 each plus shipping

A jumble of 10 round tubes. Some have real speed caps. Some have home-made speed caps with nylon cord. $6 plus shipping SOLD

Speed feeds
-left one is used, but in good condition $2
-right one is new sealed $4

Mint condition butt stock $2
APP neck newish $2

Shocktech lanyard. Great shape $1.50 SOLD
Velocity adjust tool $3 SOLD
Folding squeegie $3 SOLD
Straight squeegie w/ leg pouch $4 SOLD

Anything in this picture FREE with any other shipping
Tippmann squeegie is SOLD

My MCB Feedback

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Eclipse ram please sir, pm'ing

Yet another MCB CCM gunwhore!

Wedges Feedback Thread -
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PM'd. Cheers.
MCB Feedback
Please ship to me using US Postal Service when shipping to Canada.
Don't ship to Canada? No worries--I can work it out with you: US Parcel Pickup

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Pmd on eclipse ram
Ebay Feedback %100 positive
MCB feedback
PBNation Feedback
Also on customcockers

Originally Posted by Nuke View Post
Some people are penny wise, and dollar foolish.
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pm on slider
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PM sent

And my feedback
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PM Sent

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can i borrow some paint...ill give it right back!!

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