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VCom'd Ripper Victory; First Thoughts

So what can I say about the VCom Spool Engine for a Victory? HOLY Hand Grenade of Antioch!!!!!!!!!!!!
Brand new VCom engine with LPR set to 65 or 70 and HPR set to 150. Dwell at 8, all other settings stock.
First Crono (Field Limit of 285): 277, 277, 278, 277 ... Um .... Not touching that.
1500 Rounds later: 275, 277, 278, 277 ... UNREAL!

As Quiet as any marker I have ever shot, and as smooth as a Clone GT ... SMOOTHER than a Luxe ... It really did shoot better than my luxe ... Still can't get over that ... in a package that feels great in the hands ... Shot two cases through her (including some paint for "official" efficiency numbers) with no leaks, no issues of any kind ... just an awesome day on the Blitz Urban field (I was 12 to 15 to 1 ... a lot of walk-ons). It put paint where I wanted it meaning it was easier to aim than the Luxe; seemed to have a flatter shot which I know is all in how the round looks coming out of the barrel. Long story short, it was as easy to aim as the GEO3, very accurate, and consistent which made snap-shooting seem effortless.
I was thinking about ordering a new Luxe, but that may change to a new custom anodized Vcom. I just can't say enough about how the marker performed ... I need to get my thoughts together for the High-end marker shootout ... But I'm very impressed. About the same efficiency as a new Luxe 2.0, which is less than a Clone GT, so that is the only weakness I can find. If you are thinking about picking up a VCom engine for a previous generation Victory, I say do it. I just had such an awesome day using it, I didn't even think about the Geo 3 and Luxe 2.0 in the trunk of the car.
So what does this all mean? I want to make sure this sinks in to everyone who reads this post. For the cost of a used V1 Victory ($450 to 600) plus the cost of the new Vcom Engine ($150) you could have a maker that will out shoot any High-end marker I have shot to date, some costing $1000 more than the total cost of a Vcom'd V1 Victory.
Simply unbelievable.

Pic of my Vic:

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Very cool and awesome consistency! I really like the anno and laser on that.
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