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I run mine with a 45/45 using a little Trinity ASA extender. I love the tank thickness and it fits nicely on my shoulder. The ASA extender brings it back just a tad, about to the length of a regular 68/45 which is perfect for me. This way I get the length I want with the less weight of the 45/45 tank. I also run it with a little Winchester pocket hopper. Favorite gun setup that I own
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going the same with a 45/45 with extender from cp.. shoots great ball on ball out of the box.. i was messing around today with a apex2 and it was amazing how far it shot i mean nuts far cant wait to take it to castle conquest next year.
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I am a big fan of light set-ups, but a 22 is not light and is very long, too long for most people.

I have several pumps and usually run them with a 50 rd Winnie and a Ninja 13/3000. I can get over 150 shots @ 280fps, using an under-bore barrel. If you go to a slightly larger barrel insert or shoot 300fps, you will loose about 10%, or about 135 shots...either way, it is more shots than I usually use in a game. As for length, the Ninja regulator is a bit longer than most, so stock it suites me fine. My 6 foot son uses a CP extender.

RAP 4 Paintball has introduced a 17/3000 tank, it is a bit longer and they are now avalible with a Ninja regulator. Doing the math it means a bit over 200 shots per fill and at 12" still much shorter than the too long 22/3000 tanks and nearly as light and compact as the 13/3000.

That said, if I am in a big game were I'm taking 5 pods(50rd) and a full hopper, I use my 45/4500 tank. I do not love the extra weight, it still is not as heavy or long as a 22/3000 and is good for three times as many shots.

I have not tried or seen a 17/3000, but the reviews are good, better now that they come with a Ninja regulator, so if you think the 13/3000 is too short or does not hold enough air, I recommend a small carbon tank or the RAP 4 17/3000 tanks. Certainly not 68/4500 or the 22/3000 tanks.

Good luck!
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I shoot a MVP with a ninja 45/4500 proreg set for LP(400psi) im getting literally half a case on a tank, I use a old rev 18 volt hopper. its light and very comfy, but this is just personal choice.
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