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O-Rings and Detents: Brass Eagle Cobra

Question #1:

I am currently fumbling my way through a Brass Eagle Cobra resurrection. Can someone tell me what size o-rings this marker takes?

A more practical question is: How do I measure what size of o-rings this marker takes. Is it safe to say that I just measure the width of the groove that they go in and order accordingly?


Question #2:

Does this marker have a detent?
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Since most of the o-rings are static (non-moving) they can actually be off a size or two. Though in this particular case it's better to be a size under than a size over. Over sized o-rings find their way in the assorted holes you'll have to push them past.

And nope, no detent. It is a breech drop though (if memory serves me correctly), so the ball has to go up a little lip to get into the barrel. Once in the barrel, well, all we got is friction.
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Excellent thanks for the explanation, I'll keep you guys updated
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Originally Posted by fubarius View Post
once in the barrel, well, all we got is friction.
and on that barrel ( guess at .693-ish ?) - and considering todays super small paint ..... Unless you use wayyy big ball paint - ya aint gettin no friction to hold it in place.... Nail polish detent probly u best bet .....

** i maintain 3rd shift hours so if i dont respond right away during the day - ya know why

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Yeah I found that 112 o-rings would work on the outside of the valve.

114 - Pierce Pin Assembly exterior/ 12g plug
113 - Exterior of the Valve Assembly
111 - Bolt o-ring
009 - Front valve seal that rides on the valve stem.

Bolt spring -1692K36
Thumb Screw - 92421A642

.4675 OD x .23 ID x .0675

Pierce Pin Face seal
.5060 OD x .176 ID x .1365 Tapered outer edge
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...Hmm...Sorry for the Necrothread....

Can someone take a picture of the cup seal for me? and the Pierce Pin Face seal if possible. Thanks guys...

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going necro again:
it seems like those orings fit the brass eagle nightmare, too ...

what i did to get a new cupseal:
- remove debris of old one
- apply a nice and flat surface (light bevel maybe) of silicon or simillar (homedepot saniterial supplies)
makes a perfect cupseal!

piercing pin seal can be aquired from any air rifle store. ask for a crosman cupseal (357/6 1077, etc ...) they are all the same ...
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