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Brass N Wood Fan
Palmers Fan
Stock class pump Rainmaker

Morlock Rainmaker

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Originally Posted by Manning View Post
The tears of the Wally Lama render a mirror like finish to any bit of brass. When it's time to polish, Wally Lama thinks of all the neglected Sheridans out there and a tear falls from his eye onto his latest creation. Three children who were passing by witnessed this holy event once and we're all blinded by the brilliance of the brass. They all three heard Angels voices and accepted their calling as witnesses to the miracle of His divinity.
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Am I the only one

Anyone else out there who uses an old style Tigershark? I started with them in'94, and still play with them occasionally, not a great marker, but fun all the same. Trust me, I have others, many others. I like the Stingray mods, I may have to pimp mine out some, I never thought of going beyond the Lapco apapter.
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MCB Feedback

Never trust a gun review that is written by someone that is sponsored by that company.

Why I won't buy from MacDev
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I dug my ole Vl Genesis outta the closet a while ago.. I painted on the anno, so it will chip off, but I took her apart gave her a good cleaning. Polished the insides of the recievers. Added a stock spyder barrel( better then the old one) I paionted it Od and black, because I play primarly woodsball.. I have a tippy, but why now have a backup??

My VL Genesis set up to be a paintball pistol in the woods.

here it is set up for a standard marker..

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All these fancy-pantsy electro Rainmakers are effectively beyond me. I know; I've owned 'em all!

Thunderboard (Great board!):

Warped Rainmaker with KM2 Gale Force (meh):

Warped Rainmaker now with Painmaker (man, what a board that was! Of all the Rainy's I've let go, I miss this one the most [don't worry, even though the Rainmaker can run CO2, the tank was just there for display purposes]).

My first pumper:

And a few stock semi and select fire Rainmakers.

So after some moaning and groaning, Rainman was nice enough to reunite me with an old favorite. Or, a new version of my old favorite. She's picky and stubborn, but here's where I'm at now!

She's got:
- Rainman229 Pump Kit (that took some work to get out of him )
- Mad Marty's Basic Internal Mods
- Mad Marty Fitted Delrin Bolt
- Mad Marty Stainless Screw Set
- TASO Power Barrel (or whatever I feel like running)
- NOT PICTURED: AIM Torpedo Knock-Off HPR
- SOON TO COME: Mad Marty Back Block
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Just got done with it and have more ideas comin

Raptor for woods ball
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Originally Posted by coldy13 View Post
I got this rainmaker about 2 years ago, been messing with it ever since. So far it has a mouse button trigger, tlaloc chip, palmer stabilizer and rock lpr, 0-100psi ashcroft gauge, 0-600 palmer gauge, gutted and drilled stock regs, palmer 7" brass barrel, JJ 12" 2 piece barrel with apex tip(no pics yet), modified valve, working on marty mods(guide pin for hammer/carrier), and halo with i-feed(don't have eyes mounted yet).
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Originally Posted by melkson View Post
After I found out I had a screw loose, he gave me a good short screw. Filled my hole completely.
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My first paintball gun. Sounds like something made by Playksool, huh? Anyway, this is the result of a disgruntled 14-year-old who didn't get the Spyder he wanted for Christmas.


Today it's in this far more usable configuration:

I bought this Rainmaker in stock form from a pawn shop for $65, mostly because it came with a DYE boomstick. I tried upgrading it for a few years but never really appreciated it. I ended up selling it a few months ago.

My father's Raptor. He only used it once or twice before his knees gave out. Looks like the compulsive upgrading gene I have was hereditary.

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so far along the trail
12" J&J Ceramatic barrel
InYoFace Budget stock
InYoFace side rail
red-dot i found in garage looks kool
..needs grips.o.0

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