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Cockerpunk 11-17-2007 03:22 PM

a few mintues on the lathe ...

its so far only gonna be temporary, im planning on making something else once i get the electonics figured out. so far i like it tho. looks rather lazer-gun ish ...

Magoo 12-02-2007 05:30 AM

Very interesting. I think it needs to be a bit longer, but nice none-the-less.

PLEASE make a flush backblock. Rainman quit his line of 'em, and I do want.

glaman5266 12-12-2007 12:17 PM

I don't think it needs to be longer. Looks like a nice little "utility handle" of sorts. Seems like it would make RMs w/the compacted pneus feel a bit tighter.
Looks like it might be nice on a Mag as well.

Rainman quit his line? Well there goes my idea of compacting my pump RM. :(

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