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Originally Posted by b-cuzz View Post
The ONLY paintball gun Palmer's doesn't guarantee their work on is a Nova. They fixed my Poison up, and they'll be getting my Nightmare LB and my Rainmaker soon.
This is incorrect. I just got a response from Glenn and he said this,

"Hi Joel,

We actually don't work on Brass Eagles, so whoever put that on mcarterbrown
wasn't correct.

Sorry about that,
3951 Development Dr. #3 Sacramento, CA 95838 "

Kinda leaves me in the same boat. I heard that the stingray valve seals work, so I'm going to order a kit and hope it'll fix it. Scarecrow was my first hope, but it seems he only works on the older brass barreled models.
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Well, they did rebuild the valve on my Poison. I've talked to them since posting that, and I'll admit I was incorrect to a point. They won't tackle the Nightmares.

I did get to looking at mine, and I may try using one of my old 'Mag reg seals (I NEVER throw anything away, so I have a lot of useless stuff lying around). The outside diameter isn't the same, but if it can handle a larger hole through it, it may work. If nothing else, you might try Doc's.
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