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Old Project: ePGP

I've known Ty now for a few years, and he's worked on several projects for me. Here's the first project Ty did for me, and easily the most known project that he's done for me. While I call it the ePGP, at this point it's not really a PGP. When it came to Ty, the body was a front block converted PGP using a cart valve that didn't quite work right, a detent that had been placed incorrectly causing chops, and a bore size that was the proverbial hot-dog-in-a-hallway. She was your typical hot girl that's completely screw up in the head. She looked great, but ultimately fully knew she would crush my balls whenever the opportunity presented itself. She chopped without fail. Here she was:

In the end, we determined that she was ultimately pretty useless without a major overhaul. Ty created a new body for me with an internal detent and lower tube to fit a MQ2, slightly milled down the front block, created a new back block, made an internal frame tube to allow me to use all three grip screws, milled down the MQ2 spacer, cut down the cocking rod (it's there to prevent torque-ing), cut down the pump rod, made a nice open face bolt bolt, and, for good, measure, ported the .678 barrel. It was a significant amount of work, but it did create a little paint-flinging monster. Here it is naked:

Here it is now. Don't mind the not-so-good duracoat. That was my first attempt with it, and far from the best:

My feedback:

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Looking for a Twister body and back block!!

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neat. video!
Originally Posted by alpha434 View Post
Barrels are like girls... Some people are just happy to have one that looks good. Or even one that everyone else likes. Other people want a tight, accurate bore to run their balls through.
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A few notes...

The back block was created on a manual mill... I used a Sherline rotary table to get the squashed heart shape.

The internal detent system is pretty interesting, at least to me. I used a 3/4" ball end mill to produce the feedport in the barrel. I machined the depth slightly more than the bottom of the barrel bore, producing a small depression that holds paint very nicely, preventing double feeding.

Technically this is an E-PMI-DF... sort of. The bolt and air passage position are basically the same as a non PGP P series marker... (Read that as "Seriously Custom")


Brass Monkey Customs

Brass Freak compatible and Equation inserts in .665, .670, .675, .678, .680 and .685

Current Freak compatible inserts in stock:
.665 = 0, .670 = 16, .675 = 3, .678 = 4, .680 = 4, .682 = 4, .685 = 11

Still selling brass tubing, with .678 barrel stock now available!

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i called it the "Tiny Terror" when i shot it, cause it wanted to either rip paint out, or wanted to shake itself apart. truly an interesting piece to hold.
Originally Posted by tymcneer View Post
Watching the grass blow in the wind sometimes causes it to shift from red to green to red and keep repeating itself. Makes my acid using friends jealous

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