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So I know this is an old thread and I think it was for the old site but I searched for my question and this came up. I like to use the new posts function when ever I log on to MCB (sometimes 10+ times daily lol) sometimes there is a page or two of new posts, sometimes ten. Never more than ten though even when I work one of me 12 hours shifts there is only ten pages (399 threads). Now I know that the must be more, but only ten pages are displayed because there has to be a cap somewhere right, I mean if I did not log on for a week or so there would be a hundred pages of new posts. Anyways what I want to know is this; is there a way to change my settings somewhere to raise this number (I already tried raising my post per page to 40 hoping somehow that might help but no). I think it is more likely this is not something I can change but is set at a higher level, perhaps even higher than Painthappy can change (maybe a site template thing?). I do understand why there is a limit, to keep this time down:

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But if any way possible I honestly would not mind waiting several seconds to see all the post I have not read (I don't read them all mostly just BST and ones with Mars name in the title J/K). Any chance of this or am I just S.O.L.?

Either way thanks for your time and for creating a site where I waste countless hours of my life reading and learning almost everything I can about a marker before I even own it. Its awesome when you know how to tear down maintain and reassemble something before you have even touched it. Plus knowing what if anything will break first and where to get a better than stock replacement, before you even use the dang marker.

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Yes, that is a joke ---->
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The limit is there because searching uses up server resources. You may not mind waiting for a giant search you do once, but when many people do big searches, it bogs down the entire site for everyone.
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Fair enough, that is why I asked I did not think of that part. I just hate missing out on my MCB fix lol.

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There is usually a way to download and archive stuff. You know, just in case you want to read offline and waste more of your life.
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