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Calgary, AB - 3v3 Pistol Tournament - Late May


Also please make any suggestions, I know this write up is far from complete and not even close to refined. Thanks, Fellow MCB'ers.

Payments will be able to be made February 1st - April 25th

- 2014 Pistol Tournament-
This is a friendly, 3v3 pistol tournament.

--Bare Bones Info--
Cost per team, including paint - $160, Bring in some non-perishable donations for the food bank to receive a $10 discount on entry. (Minimum 5 items)
Time - 10 A.M.
Date - Late May, Actual date not yet determined
Location - Finalizing Location with field owner
Several Loaner Markers will be available

-Conditions of winning a match-
Eliminate entire opposition
Retrieve and deliver the neutral objective to your enemies base

-Limitations on loadouts-
Must use a pistol, with a capacity of 10 rounds maximum. "Zeta Mags" are permitted.
Pistols may be pump action, or semi automatic.
Tac caps are not permitted.
Teams will be given only 90 rounds per match, which they are to divide up amongst themselves.
For instance, one player may have 70 rounds on hand, and the other two may have 10 each.
Games will be limited to 5 minutes, with no warning prior.
Communication devices (Radios, etc.) are permitted.
Constant air, as well as CO2 capsules are both acceptable.
.68 caliber only
Maximum FPS is 299, any spikes are not acceptable, so aim for 280 to be sure.

Teams will be required to register AND pay by April 25th
Event will be held mid-end May
Specific date is TO BE DETERMINED by field owner, and will not conflict with any local big games
-Entries are transferrable-
Maximum of 12 teams

CO2 Capsules will be for sale at the event at a reasonable price.

As with any of my events, I don't make a dime off of this. I try to make the prizes as sweet as possible.

Also, feel free to RSVP if interested via the event page on Facebook!
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[You know you play pump..]When you carry extra 10 rounds just because you love to toss them to players screaming they need more paint.
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I typically carry one extra tube and give them 1 ball from it.

I'm an *** like that.

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Looks like fun! Wish I was anywhere near Alberta so I could participate!

Good luck and have fun!
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I'm pretty sure I should be able to play! Gotta figure out what I'm gonna use though!!
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I'd date a girl with a cocker.
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....bro, you just gave me a quarter chub.
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