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Wasaga Pump&Pistol Tourny Cancelled!

Saw it on, no other info posted as to why though. My guess is not enough teams.
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They needed 6 teams to pre register to finalize the tourney. I guess they diddnt get 6.
It is kind of silly though, how many throw together teams do you think would be formed in the staging area?
Or how many diddnt pre register and were planning on coming out to register at the counter?
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I played the last one, finished 5th overall and the biggest problem was no restriction on auto-triggers. Heard a LOT of complaints about that. The simple fix would have been to force everyone to use grav-feed or spring-feed loaders only. It was a fun tourny though and I was looking forward to playing on the new indoor turf, if its ready that is.
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I honestly dont think wiping was an issue at the last event. I thought overall it went pretty well, I think the paint could have been better. I think we ended up using something like Stinger, can't quite remember now though.

I'm a lil surprised that 6 teams didn't show up. I knew ahead of time I wasn't going to make it. But jeez, its a 3man game, you could honestly come up with 6 teams just from random throw togethers. If 6 of us showed up, we could probably make 12 teams just from random players and all the excess gear we own.

It is unfortunate that such events are planned and we as the players can't make it worthwhile to have the game go on. Its the old argument, "theres no pump games" where the organizers are saying "no one shows up to play pump".

We just don't seem to be the group that can easily conform to making an event planned for us. We as the players should really just organize things like this ourselves, book a time on the field, come as a what we want. Bam, then we don't get disappointed when our games are cancelled. even if 6 ppl showed up, its still a good time. 1$ buy in, winners take the pot :P
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I didn't stay until the very end but while I was there I don't recall seeing anything even close to wiping. A location closer to T.O. would definately help with attendance as well, lots of college/university guys who can't make that trip to Wasaga. On a side note the indoor sand field sucks the big one, not sure if the turf is installed yet or if this tourny would have been outdoor.
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Well, I have inside information that the winning team didn't wipe! Mostly because it was Radar (co-founder of DBD) and two other long time friends... they are honestly just mother****ing ninjas at paintball... SHow them a finger tip, they will show you the deadbox...

See how fast rumours get started? lol.
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Smile it's all good

Hi cjottawa, I read your PM and I thank-you for it, and yes, no hard feelings. On a happy note, I spoke with Christine of Wasaga Paintball and they'll be hosting another Pump and Pistol tournament on Saturday evening February 6th 2010, details to follow. If your planning on attending please register for this event, cause last Feb. the event almost got cancelled due to the lack of registered teams and for those who made the trip were amazed as I with the 16 team turn-out. Hope to see ya all there.

Team Endeavour
O.P.S. Ottawa Paintball Supplies
Bells Corners, ON.
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