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Buzzard, Mini-buzzard or mini-comp? Some Carter questions


Just wanting to know your opinion on all three.

which one do you like best? why?

Also, on the regular buzzard Ive heard that it has ATing issues to the friction fit construction style? Is this true? Has Carter Machine fixed this problem? IS there a fix for it?

As for barrels, what style of barrel do you like best when it comes to carters?

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I am a fag.
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thats what happens when i leave mcb up at work.....
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I had a mini-comp and it was a straight up beast. Awesome pump stroke, awesome consistency, and I was pulling 40 shots off one twelve gram before having to swap out. When I used it as a primary, I barely used more than 4 or 5 twelvies in a whole day of playing. I haven't used a Buzzard/Mini-Buzzard, so I can't comment on either one of them, but I will say that mini-comps kick major tail.

I don't believe that Carter has changed anything in his manufacturing process for the standard buzzards. However, there was a mod floating around on here somewhere, It involved drilling a very small hole towards the end of the snub above the valve and adding a very small set screw to hold the body on there. It worked very well from what I can remember. I think there are also some aluminum bodied Buzzards floating around now too that should not have any issues like that. Think mini-comp body with a VSC setup and buzzard pump arms.

Barrel-wise, I found the barrel that came with my old carter shot the nicest. It wasn't all that quiet, but it always shot straight. I used the lowest insert (.686) with the ol' nail polish detent trick, and never once had a problem with it. Hope that helps!
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I have a Dye era Buzzard and a Mini Comp that was made last year. i LOVE them both equally. The Buzzard weighs far more due to the stainless steel body and barrel. But overall i like them both. Both have buttery pump strokes. I like the slide trigger on the Mini Comp better then the dye swing on the older buzzard, but if you buy new, whatever you get will come with the new slide triggers.

I have never had the auto trigger issue many have with older buzzards, but maybe i am just lucky. Try them both out if you can. See which you like better. I honestly couldn't choose. They are both amazing to me. I have been using the Mini Comp more just because it gets more shots per 12ie, but that may be due just to the fact it is BBA (back bottle air) and not VSC (vertical stock class)
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I have one of the few aluminum snub mini buzzards out there. I would describe it the same way one would describe the new style mini comps. Absolutely fabulous gun!
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I will lock this damned thread up if anyone posts that disgusting picture I saw once.
It like the CCM version of Two Girls One Cup.
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If you do get normal buzzard or SS body comp, and you encounter the snub sliding and causing AT'ing, I highly reccomend the Setscrew mod. 10-32 is a great size, pick up a grub screw, bit and tap and you're set. I did mine on a drill press, I've heard of people just doing them with a normal hand drill and having it work fine, but I wouldn't trust myself mangling the body of a $500 custom made gun with one of those.

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This is a common misconception. The marker in question is actually from a limited run that WGP produced to try using the little finger as the firing finger to promote digital ambidexterity. Unfortunately, the gravity inverter needed to feed paintballs was sold separately.
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Go for either of the minies, and you're all set. No sense in having to lear the difficulties surrounding the older guns.
Even with either of the minies, you might run into an issue that often happens if the bolt oring's too small. The result is that the trigger will pull on the bolt/hammer while cocked, and it won't fire.
A fatter oring will remedy it.
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Seems like carters have questionable reliability...........
willing to trade for everything :

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I am a fag.
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thats what happens when i leave mcb up at work.....
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Eh, just like any quality gun you just need to know how to treat them. Unfortunately it seems as though if you buy any high end marker used you are probably just inheriting someone's problem. Buying new or from a reliable responsible person are best.
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