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Auto trigger problem.

I got to play with my new to me buzzard today. For most of the day it shot like a dream. It was shooting well till the last game when it started atuotriggering. The only problem was My finger was off the trigger. Whe the bolt came full forward it would go off with my finger off the trigger. The sear on the hammer is sharp and square. The edge on the bolt where the sear catches is also clean and square. The two contact each other over the full hieght of the ridge on the bolt. Any insight would be apprecieated? Weak sear spring? Body tube slipping forward in relation to the frame? Anyone else experiance this? Anyone have pics of stock internals?

I also noticed some huge FPS swings at the chrono. Some as big as 20FPS.

Any help at getting this thing tuned and dialed in would be great.

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If this is a stainless snub buzzard, it is a known problem. Others here can guide you in how to remedy the problem.
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try this from PBNation

marker is autotriggering
if the marker is autotriggering, there are 2 immediate fixes. the most likely culprit is when you assemble the marker. make sure there is no gap between the snubb and the valve body once you have the entire marker assembled turn the marker vertical resting on the t stock. loosen the screws on the horizontal feed, and the screw behind the trigger frame. make sure everything is aligned properly, and snug upp the snub against the valve body. tighten the front two screws holding the feed first. then tighten the screw on the rear of the trigger frame.

the marker will autotrigger if there is any gap between the snub and the valve body.

the next solution would be to sand down the sear if you continue to have problems, if you are local to so cal, you might want to just send the marker to earon. but you can take some high grit sandpaper and sand the sear down.

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It had a gap. I've got an idea on how to perminetly fix that. I need to take some mesurements first and if it works I'll post it.
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i had same problem with buzzard....thanks guy at least now I have an idea on how to fix it.
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a grub screw between the snub and valve is what many have done in the past as a permanent fix.
Older fans of the old Buzzard claim that proper assembly is the correct approach and I eventually saw what they meant it; but it's been close to six years since I owned an old Buzzard, so I don't trust my memory enough to pass on weak info.
I know you're a technically minded gent and that you will also discover this glitch if you don't want to change it from its original form.
Start with the rail and frame first and work your way till its completely assembled each time.
Partial re assembly is not practical with this one.
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