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toymachine 09-08-2012 03:05 PM

Ordering Custom Duck Question

I was just wondering a couple things about getting a Duck. Well, really I'm interested in whether (regardless of price) I can get one made for me? Would it be possible to order it with a woosh barrel? How long would you imagine the wait time would be, from ordering to receiving it?

much thanks!

lechooch 09-08-2012 03:06 PM

u should buy mine ha

toymachine 09-08-2012 04:38 PM

Where's it at? ;)

pk5 09-08-2012 05:00 PM

A duck from start to finish typically take 1 month at a minimum usually 2. You can order it with a swoosh. Post or pm me if you have more question.

pk5 09-08-2012 05:07 PM

Also see my thread in the dealer section for currently available gun at carter machine.

toymachine 09-08-2012 07:17 PM

Big thanks to you pk5! gonna check out your thread. it won't happen this week, but I'm reaaaaally looking forward to owning my own Duck! [/drool]

worrptangl 09-09-2012 02:01 AM

Toymachine, your location says facist valley. Where is that? Because I immediately think of Fashion Valley in San Diego.

toymachine 09-09-2012 02:05 PM

HAHA yup, I'm up in Kensington and fascist valley does in fact refer to fashion valley ;)

I've been talking to pk5 about getting an order setup for a new duck (standard duck (polished, very dark navy/purple), level charger + bba to rat attack, woosh barrel (raincover ano'd matte black), stick feed + standard stock class feed, etc) and I didn't realize they're right in my neck of the woods! still new to san diego, I am that is...

my budget is about 3k and I'll probably paying a couple hundred more for what I'm interested in. tis the price to pay for such a masterpiece

pk5 09-09-2012 02:08 PM

Hey toymachine

If you are in kensington you are literally a few blocks away from me. I visit that that Starbucks in kengington a lot, just let me know if you want to see the peregrine to see what the lever feel like. Even though I can't imagine kensington people not freaking out when someone pull out a giant paintball gun.

worrptangl 09-09-2012 08:08 PM

I just moved from San Diego back to Hawaii. I miss just being able to go to Earon's already!

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