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AbeShip 11-07-2012 09:40 PM

Questions on a Box Gun
Figured I would post this up in here, as most of the fellows in here know carter's backwards and forwards.

I am looking at this boxgun (yes Feyd has it up for sale). Is the original frame useable (can Carter fix it?). I know that carter CS has been shakey, but with PK5 it has improved drastically.

What is the difference between a Boxgun and a Mini Boxgun? Do both use insert systems?

worrptangl 11-07-2012 10:18 PM

Yes a far as I know the original frame is still usable with the BBA and quick change. The new frame was a custom prototype if I'm thinking of the correct one.

There isn't a mini boxgun per say. More the original boxguns and the current extended ones. Earon still makes the original length ones.

Inserts come from the newer guns. Not sure if this particular one is bored for inserts or not, but you can get the barrel bored for inserts or have a new barrel made.

EDIT: Ok after reading it. The original setup should be fine with what Feyd said. The ATing issue could be a few things most of which can be found in a quick search. At the worst case a quick to Earons wouldn't hurt. Try PMing pk5 he had the new frame made.

pk5 11-07-2012 10:54 PM

Since this was my old gun I can answer most of the questions:

is the original frame useable (can Carter fix it?). I know that carter CS has been shakey, but with PK5 it has improved drastically.

The original frame and BBA was working just fine, I just hate BBA that is why it was changed over to the drop out back style.

The new frame can probably be fix if there is any leaky issue, there shouldn't be much of an issue though, probably just a mis-alignment of the pierce pin on top.

There is one more thing that I did disclosed to Feyd it was that someone decide to do a mod on the top piece, if you look at the photo you can see that the inside of the top piece is raw. The mod was done to prevent binding or so I was told by the previous owner, it still work just fine, I just don't like raw stuff unless I really intend for it to be raw.

Overall it is still a really good deal, the grip is Aluminum grip and those were pricy back when there was a bulk order for it.

Feyd 11-18-2012 08:24 AM

Let me state that the gun was perfect when I got it from PK5 and in fine working order. He gave it to me for a good deal and I have no complaints and still thank him. It just started leaking as some guns do. I was not in the mood to keep at it because I failed to repair it and did not want to send it back to Carter so I sold it. The gun is now repaired and working as it should, no leak. The leak was where the pierce pin goes into the valve body. As for the green trigger frame it still is auto triggering? But thats a job for the new owner. Again Props to PK-5, Feyd..............

htwhlr 11-18-2012 03:59 PM

Hi Guys. I don't post very often. I am the new owner of the Green Box gun. I was able to fix the gun working with the raw frame. As far as the green frame it does auto trigger like Feyd talked about. Does anyone have a solution for me? I am not sure if the Box gun is set up to work with both frames with the same sear?
Thanks for your help.

pk5 11-18-2012 04:24 PM

Sorry I have been hopping from job to tournament to airport so now I finally have some time to reply:

When I brough the gun to Earon he work on it a while to tune the sear to work with the raw frame. I can ask earon for you to see if a new sear would allow it to work with the BBA frame. But I am not going to be back in the state for 2 more weeks.

Hopping to moscow now and then to rome.

htwhlr 11-18-2012 04:35 PM

Hi pk5, I can wait. At least I know what the issue is with the green frame.
Thanks, Randy

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