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Possible to Freak Bore Carter Beveled Barrel?

My barrel ID is to big and was curious as to if it is possible to freak bore it even with the barrel being beveled? Would you just have to bore it a few mm's in more? Has anyone done this/able to do it for me? Thanks!
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It has been done. The first post on this page is a picture of someone who had it done by Ryan (SSC). They just typically bore a bit further in, so the freak doesn't sit flush with the edge, which simulates a bevel.

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The above post is refering to the work I had Ryan w/ SSC do for a Buzzard I used to own. I had him bore the barrel a little longer than the normal bore depth (I think it was bored .15in deeper) . He also did a 45deg bevel as well. I think he only charged me an extra $10 (for a total of $45(?) total) for the bevel too! Great guy, and he did great work on that barrel.
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I got my stock Buzzard barrel bored, but they didn't bore it any deeper than stock. I put an Automag detent o-ring around the barrel to space it out a bit when screwed in, and it works like a charm. Can't tell it's there either.
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