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A redux might also be a nice option, but i have a offest gun already and i dont like the way i have to reload. it just doesnt work for me.

So i have been talikng to RTR about the box gun and it looks like he will let me borrow one. But id still like to get some more info on these guns.

Also, besides efficiency, why does everybody like the BBA vs the inhandle?
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Most people seem to prefer the in handle for looks, but the BBA gets better efficiency and is faster to change 12 grams. My Box Gun is somewhere between Carter Machine and here, and it is a BBA.

When I bought it, Earon (through Lauren) said "get in handle if it will be a collectors piece, go with a BBA for serious playing".
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Playing with a Pistol I don't usually have to change 12g's in a game, so the BBA/Inhandle thing comes down to looks for me.

Owning both, I've have to say the Redux is cooler, but a Box gun is more practical (as far as feel and use) and easier to pick up and play with.

Ideally I'd like an extended Box Gun 2" longer than normal with a 1.5" extended barrel as well.
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I want a redux some day.....
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I actually dont like the flat back end of the valve, I prefer to have something hanging off the back, just aesthetics

Gotta contact Carter about getting a boxgun done.
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