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idkfa 12-22-2008 12:17 PM

Box Gun - Initial Review
I am going to do a preliminary review of this Box Gun. This is before I have had a chance to shoot it or play with it. These pictures are pretty bad, I apologize in advance. I am using an older camera and there is not much natural light due to a small storm outside. I will get a better camera shortly.

I commissioned this gun in mid-June of this year, and Earon started work on July 1st. It took nearly 20 weeks to complete the build, which is a little longer than usual, but Earon/Lauren cited the extra milling and annodizer as the cause for the delay. Not that it really matters for a custom build, and I was too busy with school up until last week anyways.

It was shipped via UPS which resulted in $250 worth of fees once it arrived (tax and brokerage). This again was expected, and Carter Machine has a policy of shipping with UPS only. It was well packaged and the two other inserts and the velocity adjuster were included.


First Impressions - Positive

Weight - I never realized just how heavy these guns are until I picked up the bubble wrapped blob inside the box. I was very pleasantly surprised with the weight and I would compare it to the Buzzard w/ aluminum barrel I owned before (I cannot directly compare, I am going by feel), maybe a little bit less. Since it has a slider there is no need for any parts inside the frame block, so it is one massive piece of aluminum.

Milling - I asked Earon to do some extra milling, and I am very impressed. It has a very Duck look and feel to it (well, I have never held a Duck, but it looks Duck-like) and I like how he kept it boxy but made it a bit more sleek.

Finish - The anno is simply stunning. It is dark polished Charcoal, but it can vary between dark grey and dark purple depending on the light. The anno work is very well done and feels like glass.

Fit - I would not be a true MCBer unless I took it apart the second I got it (pictures of the disassembly will follow soon). The fit is very typical for Carters, a little on the tight side, but it loosens up nicely. Every piece fits together perfectly.

One great thing I noticed right away was the feed tube is locked down when the top rail/body is on. This prevents it from rotating or slipping out like on some other Carters. Another nice feature is that the body where the tube sits is actually knurled inside to provide more friction. I hope Carter is doing this on his other guns as well. As a side note, the feed tube holds the standard 12 paintballs of other Carters I have used.

Miscellaneous - The three piece insert kit looks great and they are all annoed a different colour. They are a little over an inch long and are slip fit as opposed to his previous SM style threaded inserts.

There are metal high visibility shot gun sights on the top rail of the gun. They are a great little addition and I am pleased with this. The front rail is a bright red, the rear is white.

Slider - It feels great, hands down the best trigger I have ever used. It is nice and wide and gives an even pull. It is NOT mushy at all, and it is just as snappy as nice hinges I have used before.

First Impressions - "Negative"

With any custom build hand made gun (or any gun for that matter) there will be issues, whether small or large, once the gun is completed. The Box Gun is no different, but I must clarify that these are not necessarily BAD points about the gun, just less than perfect points of interest that I feel must be mentioned for a complete review.

Mill Marks - There are no mill marks under the anno visible on the outside of the marker, and except for one tiny nick at the back of the gun, it arrived in perfect condition. The top tube/body has some mill marks inside where the body fits into, but that is only visible if you remove the top tube and look up inside. This is not a concern for me at all.

Fit - As I said above, the fit is comparable to other Carters, and the tolerances are rather tight. I found the pump a little hard to move at first, but after taking it apart, oiling the internals lightly, and pumping it a bit, it is now very smooth. Again, this is not a concern as it was corrected.

Milling - This is the ONLY thing I can say "negative" about the gun. Earon must have made a correction to the marker after the anno process to make it slide a bit better because there is a small amount of milling through the anno. This is on the bottom of the pump handle, up inside. You can see it when the gun is assembled. This, however, does not lessen the look of the gun. I think it would be even more amazing if this was done before anno, but it certainly does not detract from the final product. I am used to seeing milling through the anno from previous Carters so I was not overly surprised.

Slider - Yes, I am listing this under negative, but ONLY initially. I noticed that the slider, for some reason, was pulling back the hammer on slow pulls. I noticed that unless I held the pump handle forward, the slider would move the hammer/bolt/pump arm back on slow pulls and not fire. After taking it apart and slightly stretching the pump return spring to be a bit more forceful, I have yet to see the issue again. I will confirm this once I get to shoot it a bit more. That being said, the slider feels awesome.

EDIT: I stretched it a little more, and it no longer pulls everything back on slow pulls. The slider is now perfect.

Final Thoughts

Was this gun worth the $1400 CAD or so that I paid for it by the end? Maybe. Any issue I have with having this built purely personal and financial. I probably would have held onto the coinage if I knew the economy and dollar was going to tank this badly (but being a student living at home it is not as dire as many others), but I was lucky enough to pay for the entire gun when our two currencies were equal. Pending a field test, I think this gun is going to replace my Phantom as my stock gun of choice. It feels perfect, looks amazing, and it was a great experience to follow a gun from creation to final product.

I will be putting up another review on the 31st after the next indoor pump game.


- Matthew

spud01 12-22-2008 12:28 PM


JK She looks amazing:drool:

Great review btw. I look forward to the other half.

desertT1 12-22-2008 12:48 PM

Very nice, looks like there is lots of fun to be had.

Party 12-22-2008 01:09 PM

Very nice, but ever so pricey. :(

Frink 12-22-2008 01:35 PM

Very nice write up and a very nice marker. I wasn't too sure about the extra milling when I saw the before anno pictures, but it looks fantastic put together.

Part of me wishes I had pulled the trigger on mine when I got inspired by yours, because between the brokerage and weak Canadian dollar there's currently a 43% markup on Carter Machine guns up here :(

idkfa 12-22-2008 01:47 PM

Frink, if I ever make it out to WCPW you can take her for a test drive. :)

EDIT: Test drive implies I get it back. ;)

PLR 12-22-2008 02:04 PM


Originally Posted by idkfa (Post 632999)
... and Carter Machine has a policy of shipping with UPS only.

Wow that sucks, you think someone that custom makes each marker could make a run to the local post office. I refuse to buy from anyone that only uses UPS...

Nice looking marker though, hope it treats you well.

idkfa 12-22-2008 02:52 PM

Lauren said it has something to do with shipping what are considered in Canada to be firearms. She said they have tried to ship using USPS and could not. I know for certain that individuals can use either, not sure about businesses.

Frink 12-22-2008 02:57 PM


Originally Posted by idkfa (Post 633202)
Lauren said it has something to do with shipping what are considered in Canada to be firearms. She said they have tried to ship using USPS and could not. I know for certain that individuals can use either, not sure about businesses.

Probably got some bad info somewhere along the line. CCM, PPS, and ATS all ship via USPS to Canada with no issues. It really is a downer.

But back to the wonderful milling! This thread is getting off track.

You also need a holster for it, with the clean lines and rounded handle it's begging for some custom leather.

idkfa 12-22-2008 03:07 PM

I may look into something in the near future. I am not a huge fan of holsters, but I do have a nylon PPS one for my 007.

Here is a picture of the other two inserts. The one inside is blue and seems to be the middle sized one, with silver being the biggest and red the smallest. A little longer than an inch, maybe 1.5".

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