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Watch B/S/T here and watch ebay. Stuff sells really cheap in the Fall and right after refunds start flowing and prices go up!

Good luck!
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I'm starting to second-guess the fancy ano idea. I'm starting to think that a basic acid wash (like the more common red/black, blue/black or green/black) would be more beneficial and still look hot. Since those are more common, I can start with the basic Phantom, and when I want to get more parts for it, buy them as I need them. Would I be correct in assuming Mike would easily be able to procure basic acid washed parts?
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Not sure if things have changed, but when I bought an extra barrel for my orange/black tiger, I was told that the anno was going to be close, but may not be an exact match. And yup, close, but the barrel is more reddish than the rest of the parts. If you want something to match, you should get it all in one run.
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How about putting the word out to MCB members that you would like to borrow the setup you would like to get (regardless of anno), so you can see if you like the marker. IIRC last year someone else put out a thread asking to borrow a T2 or a Redux or something to try it out before buying, for security they sent one or two of their own markers as collateral and paid all the shipping. That way, you will know if it's for you, and then you can go whole hog and order the setup you really want.

If you do order one I'd suggest picking up a few extra parts (including a second type of breech, a 15 round feed tube and a 10 round feed tube, and an extra barrel of a different length) so the anno all matches and you can alter the setup as you want.

I'd offer to loan you mine, but shipping to and from NZ is pricey.
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Originally Posted by sunshaker View Post
3. If you can afford to get it the way you want consider getting it more than the way you want it (It wouldn't cost that much more ($100 or $150) to get a DF breech and multiple valves (rear, dropout) anodized the same way, you may never want to use them but if you did matching your ano would be an absolute bitch and for the most part Phantoms with custom ano parts and black bits mixed don't look so good).
What's wrong with this?

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If you do end up buying your dream phantom i highly suggest going through the Irregulators. They are authorized dealers and can get you a good deal on them.

and as always, when i buy something i follow the Dodgeball mentality, Go Balls Deep....go all the way, or don't bother.
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Originally Posted by splattttttt View Post

Nothing is wrong with it because it doesn't have any gloss black parts on it (the grip and pump arm don't count cause they aren't metal).
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I look at it like this.

My Redux is my fancy pancy gun. I treat it and clean it like it's my own baby. Even if it's being a bitch to me the whole damn time. I love it It is very spoiled too.

Phantoms should (In my opinion.) not be babied markers. They should be played with, and abused and still shoot everytime no matter what. They are rock solid guns that are incredible durable.

A good black VSC that has some pump wear on the barrel and a few scratches just proves it's been used right
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I went through a similar process when I bought my Phantom.

I decided to go all out and get every option that I might use. SC and centre-feed, two different length barrels, nickel barrel, 10 and 15 rnd SC feed, clear parts, and a matching t-stock, all in a silver to green fade (Mike said it was a pain to anno, told me green was one of the harder colours to get right. That was a while ago now lol so it might be easier).

Now, I am down to the configuration that I use, sold the parts that I don't use. I am very happy with my Phantom, been using it almost exclusively since I got it after my last tour on '02.

It did cost me more money in the long run I suppose, but I have exactly the gun I want and get the use out of it that I need, nothing extraneous.

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Personally I bought a super cheap RF phantom off of PbN and just bought the parts I wanted separately. I traded the RF breech for a VF breech, bought a 14" barrel off eBay and then bought a SC breech and tube off MCB. Now I have both a SC and an open class setup. Everything I've bought was used, save for the feedblock, ghostring and bucket changer.

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