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I totally missed all this I never knew it was stickied I just found it !!!Thanks !!!
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Originally Posted by resistance16 View Post
Wow!! And now I know.....And knowledge is power!!!
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Nice Info
Feedback for Furion

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Superb piece of information. This is what I like about these forums. I happily remember using muzzle breaks waaaaay back in the day of playing unported pumps. Thank you for bringing back those memories, and as stated, thanks for that superb piece of info.
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Generally muzzle brakes, porting, bigger second barrel diametres, linear rifling (paralel grooves inside of barrel) - that all does the same thing only by different way.

The most important effect is that they cut down the "pop" of the presured gas leaving the barrel after ball - you need release the gas after ball, decrease the pressure behind them gradually, before the ball leaves barrel muzzle and releases them instanty with big "pop". That reduces the sound signature of the marker... but it looks so that it even improves the marker performance a little - raising the consistency and accuracy a little... at least in ideal circumstances.

(Originally I was not fan of such like inovations (KISS principle), but after some tests and real experiences I have changed my mind.)

Porting is simple way how you can reduce the pressure difference on muzzle end. Optimal porting looks like "muzzle brake"... but the effect of the "muzzle brake" is often insufficient - best effect you have here with big number of small holes - big holes working similar like barrel end - and the space for them on end of barrel is insufficient. You need spread out the holes on barrel lenght... and you need make a lot of holes.

For example I own both 14" and 16" JJ Ceramic barrels. They are one of the most quitest barrels... porting consist here from 96 holes with 2,0mm / .079" ID. But using the 16" on my Sterling Bronze, I have found that even this number is insufficient. So I have entlarged the number to total 204 holes:

...and it was far better. The marker is now a far more silent (on 80 ft you can commonly not hear the shot) and it looks so that the performance has been not affected (at least not negatively).

Other experience I have with one of my tunned PGPs - I have modded him with "hidden porting" (Hidden porting for classic Sheridan pumps

There are now total 38 holes with 2,0mm / .079" ID. It is old PGP which has short 6" barrel, so the porting reduces the unported part after barrel chamber to ~4". But interesting is that the efficiency of the marker has been not affected - velocity graph of the marker after and before:

- surprisingly it looks even so, that it has raised the consistency and efficiency of the marker a little.

So from my point of view:
- conventional muzzle brake is compromise between unported and ported barrels
- porting is not optimal, but efficient way how reduce the sound signature significantly and raise the performance of the marker a little
- even markers with small barrel lenght can use porting like advantage
- porting is big problem when is raining or when you need clean the paint break in barrel
- perhaps the best will be barrel without porting, but with paralel rifling in the last ~1/3-1/2 of the barrel lenght and bigger second ID in the last 1" of barrel.

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Cool read. Love mcb :P
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