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Nihilistic Mystics
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Next run of Roundhead bodies

I think the most common message I get lately is "are you still making Roundheads/when are more coming/can I pre-order one"? I was hoping to have more by SPE, but just didn't have the time.

I'm down to my last 30 or so 'blanks' for the Roundhead (since I didn't have my big lathe yet, I had a local machine shop do all the internal boring/threading on the bodies, and then I did all the remaining machining myself). It's always a challenge to try to figure out how many of each type to make in a batch, so I'm going to start a list for people to call dibs on what they'd like if they've been wanting to order one. This is not a binding pre-order - I'm not taking any money up-front, and once I have them complete, you can back out with no worries.

Body options are standard SC, right offset SC, or left offset SC. Anno options are raw or gloss black. Post here or drop me an email with the body type and anno you'd like.

1) Shipped - Charbz Sig (SC blk)
2) Shipped - Stitch (SC blk)
3) Shipped - 808Jackal (SC blk)
4) Shipped - Lindsay (SC raw)
5) Shipped - tiny (RH blk - FS feedport)
6) Shipped - paintballmonkey (SC blk)
7) cancelled - tiny3399 (SC blk)
8) Shipped - Xenpaolin (SC raw)
9) Shipped - Xenpaolin (SC blk)
10) Shipped - snaparen (SC blk)
11) Shipped - tangus999 (SC blk)
12) cancelled - LudavicoSoldier (SC blk)
13) Shipped - Ishmag (RH raw)
14) cancelled - wixxxman (LH blk)
15) Shipped - wixxxman (SC blk)
16) Shipped - Yomama101 (RH blk)
17) Shipped - kospauste (SC blk - FS feedport)
18) Shipped - nostayhome (SC blk)
19) Shipped - redhawk (SC blk)
20) cancelled - -=ArchAngel=- (SC raw)
21) cancelled - Malafanango (RH blk - FS feedport)
22) cancelled - crhill (SC blk)
23) cancelled - crhill (LH blk)
24) cancelled - Happy Chewy (SC blk)
25) cancelled - PumpDrew (SC raw)
26) cancelled - fatkid (RH blk)
27) Shipped - dardagnan (SC blk)
28) Shipped - Taminator2000 (SC blk)
29) Shipped - manwe33 (SC blk)
30) Shipped - PistolRogue (RH raw)
31) Cancelled (no contact) - Austin Tayshiss (SC blk)
32) Shipped - tubbz (SC raw)
33) Shipped - Donut SD (SC blk)
34) Shipped - 808Jackal (SC blk)
35) Shipped - 808Jackal (SC blk)
36) Cancelled - Broch (SC blk)
37) Shipped - clayalc (SC raw)
38) Cancelled - PistolRogue (SC blk)
39) Shipped - tiny (LH blk - FS feedport)
40) Shipped - [MOOSE] (RH raw)
41) Shipped - Donut SD (RH blk)
42) Shipped - crandall (RH blk FS ported)
46) Shipped - laxpro69 (LH blk)
43) Paid - idkfa (SC blk)
--awaiting anno--
--sorry, unlucky--
44) No dice - raptor69r (SC blk)
45) No dice - requiem2 (???)
---end of this run, no more requests---
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Pump Dinosaur
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interested in one body Stock Class in Gloss Black.
Stitch FC

my mcb feedback
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Stock class SPAM
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Stock class standard gloss black please!
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Brass and Wood Fan
Stock class in gloss black
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Right offset stock class in black, thanks!
For Sale/Trade
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flinging poo
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Standard SC in black please.
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standard SC in black please
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1 Centerfeed raw
1 centerfeed gloss black please
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Stock class, gloss black. Can mine be modded for first strikes?
SOL, outnumbered, one paintball per person should do the trick
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Thrill Me!
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center sc in black
Originally Posted by Mar View Post
the mods here suck...
Originally Posted by Mar View Post
I honestly can barely stand most of the mods here, and don't even get me started on the f***ing Canadian ones.
Originally Posted by MaD View Post
Asking for brass on MCB is like going to the grocery and saying "Looking for food, you guys have any"?
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Stuff I want or need evenually
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