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Scope on a Phantom

I'd like to put one on my gun, and use it primarily for spotting, not shooting. Any good recommendations?
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cheap so when paintballs hit it its not going to break the bank
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I tried a pellet gun scope for giggles, but the field of view was tiny and the short eye-relief made keeping a good sight picture terrible.

I was tossing around a crossbow scope for a while but since I decided against running FS on the Phantom I didn't. Crossbow scopes tend to have a pretty huge field of view and a good medium weight magnification, so that'd be good for spotting. And then the fact that you can get scopes with steps calibrated for a 300FPS crossbow, which translates pretty well to a 300fps paintball is an added bonus for shooting. They're also built pretty rugged since they have to stand up to the shock and vibration of the limbs snapping forward on the bow.


Just my 2 cents. Seems like a good option.
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why only one FS phantom?


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What about a red dot with some sort of low magnification features?
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make sure to have good eye relief. Remember that you have a mask on that prevents you from getting too close to the lens.
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Red dots are great! The bigger the easier to use. I have a 30 and a 42mm red dot and the difference is significant. I do use the red dot for target acquisition however not spotting where I think you could probably use a smaller diameter unit. Since presumably speed is not a factor.

I am also considering something like this: Hammers Crossbow Red Dot Scope Sight 1X40CBT: Sports & Outdoors
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why would you put two scopes on your gun?

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Originally Posted by Sinisterways90 View Post
why would you put two scopes on your gun?
because two is better than one.
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I have a cci ghost ring on my phantom and I never use it. I used to want to put a red dot on it, but I sight down the side of my barrel so it is useless for me..
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