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Grey ghost hammer in a phantom

Was looking at ASP's store, and they have these in stock, my question is, can I drop one in my phantom to use straight-away (to increase shot count on 12ies)
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You have to replace the sear to work with the Phantom trigger, if memory serves.
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yuo. You have to modify the hammer. Honestly, I would just buy the SSC tri fluted hammer. I had a gret ghost hammer that OI couldnt get to work in my Phantom
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Take the phantom sear and transplant it on the grey ghost hammer is the fastest route. You can keep the grey ghost sear and rework it. You also need a heavier main red spring.
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I believe Splatttttt tried the transplant and it wasn't possible. I believe you can just cut down the seer to work.
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Sorry, I have a different sear from older style sear. My situation may not apply with modern parts.
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When i did it i had to switch the sear with thea cci sear, then use jb weld to build up part of it to position it properly
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Yep, same. I used epoxy to hold the sear up, otherwise it drops down and doesn't latch.
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there few this one is do what they said. also do you have older model or near model. since he change the hammer over the year.
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