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I have another to do like that, so I can do it
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Originally Posted by jcurt455 View Post
Still no new design. Started one but my cad file got all screwed up on me. I do plan on doing some more 90* frames as well as a fatter version and will extend them a bit so there more comfortable with a stock. If anyone is intrested let me know.
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I'll jump in with another 86* vote. But of course, not identical.

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Is it possible to make a 86 frame that will fit non-Phantom trigger frames, or does the grip geometry require it to slide over the trigger frame?
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86* please
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Any news on producing a new JCurt Phantom grip?

After skimming over all the pages of this thread, it seems like you've got enough interest (albeit not a consensus) to produce something new. Looks like most folks (just over a dozen) are leaning towards an 86 style frame. I've never tried the 86, but would probably give it a try based on the rave reviews.

I just picked up a used 90 frame, and I have to agree with the others who say it's way too small in size. It actually seems tiny in my hand compared to the CCI 45. While I do like the angle and the finger grooves, it definitely needs to be thicker and taller (minimum 4" tall, like the CCI 45 grip). As mentioned, a palm swell or humpback would fill it out nicely. Also, it would be convenient to have the grip panel screws be the standard 6-32 x 1/4" size. Just my 2 cents FWIW.

Please give us an update when you can.
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i would be interested in a 86* frame as well
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I'm expressing my interest in an 86 frame as well
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Mike is working on an 86 frame himself, so I'd say stick with 90...or K. More options that way.
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Bisley Grip frame!

Probably would have to have the grips overlap the triggerframe(off of the front of the gripframe) and might need to swap out the rear thumb screw for a smaller headed bolt, but it would be better than a k frame. And allow for asa bolts!
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