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CCI cocking problem!

I have a problem with my phantom that when I air it up and cock it, it doesn't cock back automatically like it should with the return spring. I have a CCI undercocking kit for my phantom. Anyone know a fix to this problem? Its quite aggravating cocking it twice..
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You already have a thread open for this issue:

Phantom CCI undercocking kit problem.
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I think you may want to reword your problem although I understand despite the misuse of terminology.

Chances are your hammer and bolt are binding inside the body
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^Yup, this has been my experience. The binding isn't terrible, but provides just enough friction to require a strong return spring if you don't want to have to close the breach, with a somewhat more automatic fashion.

By saying "cocking it twice" I assume you mean you have to physically pull the pump handle back and then bring it forward yourself as well. Technically this is only cocking it once (cocking it twice would cause double feeds). But I also understand just what you mean...

TBH I have always had the same issue with my stock phantom return spring. I mean, I have to physically cock the gun on both strokes. The stock return thing does very little if anything to help the forward stroke, and I've experience this with all of my phantoms. I always figured that the spring was more there to keep the bolt forward and from sliding back when the gun it pointed up, not proving enough tension to close the breach automatically. When the gun is not cocked, the spring will almost get the bolt all the way forward, closing off the breach maybe 85%.

I've also experience something similar with my '12 Ghost. Although the spring is around the barrel, within the pump handle, it won't quite close the breach automatically once the sear has coupled the hammer with the bolt. When the bolt isn't attached to the hammer, the stock ghost return spring will complete the forward stroke no problem. But once the hammer has been connected with the bolt, there is just enough friction to keep it from closing all the way. Does a much better job than the "return" spring on the phantom's pump arm, but still will generally require the user to make sure the bolt/pump is pushed manually forward for the last .1".

I have all the internals on both the ghost and phantom and my other nelsons lightly oiled. Polishing the bolt/hammer/powertube/tpc would probably help, but I doubt that anything short of a strong spring will solve this issue. Not a big deal, but I love how the Carter Machine nelson based guns I've played with have a spring strong enough to make the forward stroke more or less automatic. Same with the sniper type guns and my sterling, as I've added a spring to each's pump system with the required tension strength.

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I had a similar problem with mine. I have the RTR undercocking kit but it uses the guide rod from the CCI kit. Turned out that the guide rod was a little thicker at the back of the pimp stroke and it would grab the handle. All I did to fix it was lightly sand and polish the guide rod and then I polished the hole in the pump handle that slides over the guide rod. Now the pump handle automatically locks back in the forward position and I haven't had any more problems with it since.
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