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detent sets

to detent set or not to detent set? does it really help keep roll outs from happening to the phantom or is it a waste of $$?. Is there a difference between a detent set and Super Stanchy Freak Bored barrel? please help, im a little confused.
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The detent sets will work, and are an OK method to prevent roll outs.

The downside of detents is that they allow "blow by", which means they allow gas to blow past smaller sized pellets as they travel down the barrel. Basically, they can waste a little bit of gas which can make a difference if you are using 12-gram CO2s. If you're using a tank, then it doesn't matter that much. It's unknown exactly how much accuracy is affected when shooting small paint from an over-sized barrel. Some have suggested that accuracy is greatly affected, but it's impossible to say for sure. It all depends on the paint quality.

Inserts are better than detent rings because they provide a longer, tighter area for the pellet to travel down. You'll experience less blow-by when the paint is properly matched to the correct size insert, and accuracy should be improved. You'll need to either buy a bored-out barrel that accepts inserts, or have your existing barrel bored-out to accept them.

TechT makes a kit called iFit for the Phantom that has an adapter which accepts inserts, and that the Phantom barrel threads into. You need to either use an under-cocking kit, or purchase a modified pump handle to use that adapter however.

Sized barrels are another option. Using a properly sized barrel to the paint you are shooting eliminates blow by, and adds accuracy. Using a correctly sized barrel is the best overall option of the three.

Detents are the cheapest way to go. The cost of boring out a barrel for inserts, plus the cost of different inserts can vary, but isn't cheap. Buying sized barrels used to be the most expensive way to go. However, Flasc now offers a two barrel kit (.678, & .681) for $50. I've bought the Flasc kit, but have yet to test the quality and accuracy of it. Lapco also makes sized barrels for the Phantom. While Lapco's smallest size is only .681 (not exactly optimal for today's paint), they do make a quality barrel.
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Im going to add that the detents are VERY fragile and can easily be bent or mishapen especially if not installed with care.

For a short term fix rings will do the job but for the long term if your looking to get serious about bore mtching your paint a freak bore or tech t kit is the way to go.

I will also say that ive seen a few ppl say that the detent kits are more prone to break paint but i havent used them much so i cannot common on the truth of this. It may just be heresay and on an individual basis.
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Just spend the money and get a freak bore. Sure the detent rings are $4 for a set, but believe me the extra money for a freak is a lot better. And harder to lose.
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