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Bolt action Phantom help

Been wanting to build a bolt action marker and stumbled upon bolt action phantoms. I saw that there used to be directions on how to do this but i haven't been able to locate any that are available now. I'm looking to you guys to help me out. Hopefully someone will have them or a working link to some. Please Help!!!

Here is a link to how I want to build mine: WARNING!
He had instructions but I can't find them.
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whoa very nice, i dunno how you did that but looks awesome
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haha, I wish i did it. That was done by someone else but i cant figure out who or how.
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No one?
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Might get a faster reply in the custom section
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Originally Posted by gotzskillz View Post
He had instructions but I can't find them.
First off, here is a direct link to what you're referencing:
Bolt action Phantom (StockClassPaintball Forum)

I went through what was posted and couldn't find anything that indicated he originally had instructions for his build. From what I read, it seems the original builder was a gunsmith who did all the work himself, and then posted a link to how he did his build (a now dead link to an eBay page from 7 years ago).

As with any custom-built gun, instructions will only get you so far. Even with instructions, you need to have an intimate knowledge of how the original gun works before you start an involved customization such as this. From the pics that were posted, I can't tell at all how he assembled the bolt-action on it. Looks like he made it a lot more complicated than it needed to be for the sake of aesthetics (i.e. having the bolt come off the back end of the breach in order for it to look just like a real rifle), rather than maintain the simplicity of the Phantom (nelson-based) platform. From the pics, it's impossible to say.

If you truly want a bolt-action Phantom, do a search (both thread and photo) for previous builds here on MCB. This will give you a better idea of the different options for converting over to bolt-action (I've seen a few). I'm sure, you'll find threads that are far more current than something that was done 7 years ago. Then, contact one of the many MCB machinists and collaborate with them to create what you want. As mentioned, the custom section is where you want to ask for more help.
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