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Originally Posted by big jim View Post
With all the suggestions toward the Phantom, I have a question. I have used a Phantom before and it feels incredibly too light to me. I am used to playing with guns like Mags and my Vector or PMI3 so the Phantom is like a leaf and I find myself over correcting as I move. Would one of the other guns feel better ( have more weight) to me?

The Carter's that I've looked at all had more weight to them so that might be your best bet. I've never had a GG so I may be wrong, but the one's I've looked at felt as light as (if not lighter) than my Phantom. Alternatively, a stainless steel body, a PPS brass barrel, or putting a couple of fishing weights inside the grip frame are all ways you could add some weight to your Phantom.
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Yeah a PPS barrel puts a nice heft on the front. Great for stock class! You can get an aluminum pump handle made too...
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Thanks for all the info guys. Really appreciated. I have narrowed it down to a used Grey Ghost or a new Phantom. Really don't think I can go wrong either way.

Or it would take a little convincing of my wife, but a new revolutions look really interesting...
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