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I run my Phantoms with rear drop out changers and VSC setups. I always come back to the rear drop out. I machined grooves to make my knobs easier to grip and works great. I hope Mike does finish the lever changer. So I'll be able to run 15rnd feed tubes with the lever changer. If not I need to get off my lazy butt and build it for myself.
You know you shoot a Phantom when you shoot more paint over the chrony verifying your FPS than you shoot in an entire game.

Originally Posted by jokers
I play pump because I'm a masochistic bastard who gets his jollies from being outgunned but not outplayed.

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It's easy for people to think they are an all knowing pump player when your behind a keyboard. And nobody wants to be politically incorrect when giving advice on the forums, for everyone to criticize and judge, So I think the individuals speak with a little more pride than usual, because they want their peers to respect there opinion(s). I love playing pump, And if your pumping before you shoot, I don't give a **** whats in your hand, your family.
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The drop out is kind of fun. It gives the gun an interesting look. Your gun is dedicated to running 12 grams and that gets me some odd comments. I would love a larger nob, I had to file down the ball retainer cap so my feed tube would fit properly. With a drop out you only manage 3 things wile changing CO2; Gun, old 12 gram and new 12 gram. With the bucket you manage 4; Gun, Bucket, Old and New 12 grams.
That being said buckets are easy and faster to use. The VSC set up puts the bucket in a great easy to get to place but buckets also work well with a back bottle gun. My next (3rd) Phantom will be a stock class back bottle with a bucket changer. If I chose to put a stock on it I would change it to a VSC so it doesn't hit my mask, but I already have one as a VSC. VSC with a stock (IMO) is the most playable and easy to use version of the Phantom. It's a joy to play with but then again they all are. Do what you like and don't forget to have fun.
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Originally Posted by 1shot View Post
I would love a larger nob
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