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Unfortunately lapco does not have all the items on their website actually in stock.
.681 is the only size regularly available now. Fortunately that shoots the vast majority of paint currently on the market.

Shoot me a PM if you want one.
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Lapco, PHD and CCI all produce quality barrels, and you won't go wrong with any of them. For overall performance, one-piece barrels are superior to insert barrels, but insert barrels are convenient for inconsistent paint quality. PHD has a great barrel in .681 and is pretty inexpensive. My personal favorite is the Lapco Big Shot in .684. Not sure what it is with Lapco, but their hone is amazing.
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I have tried a ton of different barrels on my phantom.
Best bang for your buck is a CCI C bore barrel.

My favorite is the Phantom DYE Barrel Paintball Gateway had C-bored for freaks. Im currently running a round head body so I'm trying different cocker treaded setups. But my favorite is the modified Dye barrel.

Lapco Big shots are fantastic. Hellion360 has bunch at a great deal if you want one of those. Like Slim said nothing beats a one piece with paint that fits it.

Pump House Designes PHD make a nice barrel like a small bore stock CCI barrel. (one piece)

People swear by the Deadly Winds barrels they shoot nice and quiet. (takes freak inserts)

The quietist setup I have found seems to be the Inception Designs Stella barrel but you will need a cocker threaded body to run one.
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Diomedes swears by the Deadly Wind CF Barrels because they stand up to dings and abuse so well - as per a video review.

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I have a Lapco .681 that I bought from hellion360 on the first run, I have shot paint as small as .677 up to .684 through the same barrel, using a body with the ASP detent, and they have always been spot on. Over the last couple of years I'm sure I've broke paint but can't remember it being a problem. I was so impressed with this Lapco purchase I picked up a few Big Shot barrels in Spyder thread from my Sterling's and Sovereign 3. For a one piece control bore barrel I'm voting for Lapco but keep in mind I have not tried the PHD .681 but Lapco has my vote due to the awesome performance using the multiple barrels I have from them.

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Phantom one piece barrel

Lapco 0.681 with ASP detent mod or stock CCI, C bore preferably. The stock barrel is very high quality but the internal diameter is huge by today's standards and not the most efficient. You would do better with the C board version because of this. I have experience with the Lapco as well and can attest that it is also a quality product. Internal diameter is still a bit big but not overly as long as you use the ASP detent mod to control rollouts.

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Here is my 2 cents :

I haven't tried the lapco but I own a 12" and 16" CCI and an armson ... Also I use the detent ring system.

The armson is way more accurate than any of the CCI, but it's louder ... It have a unique pop ...
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tech-t barrel kit with cci barrel = win
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Originally Posted by house#21 View Post
tech-t barrel kit with cci barrel = win

That works for me!

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Do those require special pumps or under cocking kits?

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