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Phantom Inaccuracy

I've got this posted on the Phog as well but I thought I'd toss it up here for whoever can offer me some help.

I've got a 15 year old HSC Phantom. It's in very good shape but has giving me alot of trouble in the area of accuracy. It's got the older style bolt (no compensator) and I'm wondering if that is the problem.

I did a test today to get some solid data to show my problem. I clamped the phantom in a bench 74'-8" away from the target. The barrel and marker were cleaned prior to testing, I used a HPA tank for consistancy, and hand checked each paintball for testing. Paint to barrel match is good.

The farthest hits on the target vertically were 26" apart.
The farthest hits horizontally are 22" apart
Closest hits are 3" apart both vertically and horizontally.

I need to hear from anyone who has used both the older style bolt and the newer compensator to tell me if there is a significant difference. Everyone else, feel free to chime in with ideas on how I can correct this.
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Just wanted to edit my poorly thought out advice. I'll leave it to the experts.

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The biggest offender in phantom accuracy issues tends to be paint quality. If the paint isnt good or is not matched well to the bore size then you will have problems.
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The barrel is removable and appears to be in good shape.

Two things I will try very soon is an new barrel and new springs for better consisntancy.
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How is the consistency over a chrono?

If the internals are dirty, or overlubed it can cause shot-to-shot consistency problems which results in poor accuracy.
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I would suspect the paint and the velocity. There isnt much that can go wrong with a Phantom. Either your shooting extremely hot or your having some paint to barrel issues.


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