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Eurogrip FTW
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Get the CCM frame. Most .45 frames annoy me because they put the grips too far down. The CCM grips are perfectly placed.
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Ok, I am leaning towards the 86* frame (although the Gargoyle frame looks almost exactly like the 86 except with a slider trigger), any have an opinion on the CZ-75 grips vs the delrin panel grips?
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I hate the CCM frame the length of pull is aweful when gripping the frame my wrong finger wraps past the trigger so that i am past the knuckle closest to my uhmm..main knuckle.

Just bad IMO, makes the length of pull way too short.

A benchmark .45 block is the nicest, fatter and has a flat mounting place for ASA's, but otherwise the CCI frame is good if you run their bottomline and hogue non wraps as the wraps do not work correctly (huge space between top fingergroove and the trigger)

The gargoyle has a custom slide trigger block, with a CCM .45 block on it. It takes m16 grips like other phantom frames.
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Originally Posted by Gazoo View Post
Eurogrip FTW
Absolutely. The HK/Eurogrip is perfect. I'm kind of upset about having to choose between a slick new stock or those perfect grips. Mine came from a trracer too

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I love the Punishers grip on mine.
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the punishers dpms one?

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I use the Benchmark block, as I found its width to be more comfortable with my hands. Here's where I bought it: <B>Benchmark Bolt-on 45 Frame I also found that wraparound grips fit it more snugly than they do on my old CCI frame. My favorite grips are Pachmayr's American Legend 1911 grips.

Pearce Grips (AR15 Grip Adaptor for 1911 Style Conversion by Pearce Grip) also used to make an adaptor specifically for paintball; the only difference between it and their current AR-15 to 1911 adaptor was that the paintball version was tapped for bottom lines. They might still make them; dunno.

Also, I think Pearce makes a rubber insert that adds finger grooves to standard side panel grips. They might add a little width, too.
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I perfer the CCM 86 grip frames, both my phantoms have one. One is set up with the cz grips the other ccm panels. I have small fat hands (lolz) and while I wouldn't that I find the cci 45 small, but rather just uncomfortable. The 86 is defiantly smaller and with the design, defiantly brings your hand much closer to the trigger then the 45. I do find it very comfortable and natural feeling despite sometimes getting the feeling the grip brings my hand to close to the trigger (but with small hands, this shouldn't really be an issue). I'd be willing to lend you one to try out if your willing to put down a deposit and pay for shipping.

As far as grips go, the cz makes the grip much thicker but again with the curves/design of the grip also makes it more comfortable than a 45 w/rubber grips. The Panels are also comfortable but make the grip much thinner. With panels, the grip is a little thicker in the front and much thinner in the back when compared to a CCI 45. IDK if it would help but I'll post pictures when I get my hands on a camera. If your looking for a bigger grip I'd say go with the cz rubber, thicker all around. But then again, you'd have to purchase grip frame and grip seperately so if you choose to pick up a 86 frame you have the option of getting a feel for the panels before picking up the cz rubbers.

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for whatever the reason its been a pain in the arse to get these host.. not enough patients to embed them (i'd have to resize them...)

Pictures aren't the greatest, but hopefully you could pull something away from them.
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