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get hold of mike at phantom or their few other sites that sell the spring kit. wevo is still down.
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Originally Posted by chrislognshot View Post
get hold of mike at phantom or their few other sites that sell the spring kit. wevo is still down.
Mike or CCI dont sell different valve springs.
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then where do i find valve springs im told you can get them from a nelson kit or modify a madd kit
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you've got 2 ends to the spectrum
you've got high pressure, low volume (hard valve spring)
and you've got low pressure, high volume (soft valve spring)

it's up to you to find the perfect balance for best efficiency, but for smoothest pump stroke and quietest gun, it'll be the soft spring, but i wouldn't recommend it if you are running off 12ies
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im not im running off of a 13cu in hpa tank
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If you are thinking about running HPA with your Phantom, there is no reason to mess around with your springs, CCI internals running at high pressure are a proven design for well over 20+ years.

Here is a cut & paste email reply directly from Mike Casady

You need an input pressure of at least 750 p.s.i. preferably 880~900 (the normal CO2 pressure). Because compressed air does not change state like CO2 (liquid / gas) it is a more stable power source. However, compressed air has a louder sound signature and the internal velocity adjustments will have to be set higher to yield the same f.p.s. of CO2.

There are several things that change velocity. First is the internal velocity adjuster. When it is set it should not be moving during use. To check this, turn the velocity adjuster (9052) counter clockwise until it stops, that is the lowest setting. Turn it clockwise until you get it to the f.p.s. that the field allows or 280 f.p.s. which is usually the best overall performance setting. The nylon set screw (9049) in the bolt that puts drag on the velocity adjuster should prevent the adjustment from moving out of place. If the velocity adjuster moves, tighten the nylon set screw down slightly to put sufficient drag on the adjuster to prevent free movement. Now that the velocity adjuster is staying put check for the fit of the paintball. Paintballs are not all the same size some are smaller and others larger. The ones that fit the breech bore (where the paintball is pushed to when cocking) should have a static fit, (paintballs don't roll through the barrel). If you have small sized paintballs that roll through then a detent ring should be used to keep the paintball in the firing breech.

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