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That is awesome! well done
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Wow so fast!!!
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ur my sister
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ah he was practicing before he shot the video, hehe. but yes fast
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Originally Posted by joedirt199 View Post
ah he was practicing before he shot the video, hehe. but yes fast
Well... to be fair I practice with it ALL the time lol, I load and reload paint and 12ies through it dozens of times while sitting on the couch watching tv, making dinner, basically as much as possible until Beth tells me I have to put it away

And yes, I wear my mask when I do it to get used to the feel
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This is Madness!
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Nice! If I weren't so attached to my sideline setup, that seems like a really cool air source.

Originally Posted by russc View Post
I love how DMW douches want so badly to justify their douchocity! I remain steadfast in my position of counterdouche douchebaggery.
Originally Posted by d4rksabre View Post
It's cool, no one can resist playing with an eightball. They're pretty much the best toy/decision making device/CEO of General Motors, ever.
Originally Posted by GunRaptor
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Cool dude!
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That is cool! Fast too I had to watch it twice!
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