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CockerPunk, I have seen other half blocks go down after being hit in the bolt during a game.
This is what caused my problem with my T2 as the paint gummed up.

One of the others was a 125 customs sniper, an other was a converted prostock.
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I just got my T2 and haven't played with it yet as it is freezing here and I'm a giant baby about cold, but has anyone tried to replace the T2 springs, both valve and main with the S6 springs? What would be the affect on the sweetspot pressure and what would it do to the efficiency. If it would just change everything to match the S6 numbers and fix the problem of consistecy than that would be the simplest fix for those of us that arn't as concerned with shot count and more concerned with reliability. Just wondering, I may be missing something.
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The valve spring is the same:

I said this before - but let me say it again to explain why the change...

Bill wanted two things that pertain to this discussion:

1) A hammer with a shield to prevent dirt and dibris from getting in to the bottom tube.
2) An end cap that would cover the IVG and bottom tube to not only keep dirt and debris out of the bottom tube - but also look better.

When this cap was screwed onto the bottom tube - you were left with about 1.5 threads LESS in the bottom tube. This put the previous spring too long (at 300 or so psi - the marker was well over 300 feet per second). So, Bill found a slightly smaller spring that did the job.

You COULD put the S6 spring back in - you would have a marker that had less efficiency - and I am not sure what else to be honest.

I will have to wait for Bill to post up here.


I agree with Doom King. I have had all sorts of marker have all sorts of issues when they get shot up.

Remember MOST modern tourney markers are spool valves. They don't have the exposed parts that Half Blocks do.

I think this is a weakness of the design - not a weakness in execution.

With that said, it would be really cool to turn down some hammers a few thousands and see if it helps getting paint in the bottom tube.

It would be cool to flute it and see if that helps (I wonder if the drag is being caused by pressure caused in front of the hammer rather than friction drag).

All of this stuff could be addressed to see if it made the design better.

What we need is a scientist... a scientist with buddies and a mill.... now WHERE could we find one of those?

I have a mill... I have a lathe... I need some hammers - and then I may have to send some off to this needed scientist....


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I was thinking about the slot problem and just want to throw this Idea out there...

After sitting out in my shop I was staring at my '08 Grey Ghost hanging up on the peg board and noticed the pump arm covers over the slot where the pump screw goes into the body to attach to the bolt... So with that,,, why not make a slot cover out of say delrin that covers the slot hole and attaches using the pump screws on the back of the back block ??? Mill it with a concave on top so that the bolt can be taken out and concave on the bottom so that it hugs the body and smoothly round off the sides and the end of it ... Every time you cock the marker the slot is still covered and nothing will slow the maker down when cocking... I have not seen the top of the marker to know how long the slot is but it's just a thought...

Thoughts ???

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WK, it would move with the back block and do a decent job of covering the slot. Paint shot on your marker gets into anything. I also think it would be ugly.

There has to be a more elegant solution to this.

I am telling you - I think fluting the hammer would help this.... but that is just my gut talking...

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I understand and was just throwing that out there... I have never noticed paint getting on the inside of my Ghost when I get shot in the drivers side over or near the pump arm... But I believe the delrin slot cover could be milled to make it pretty and functional...

And fluting the Hammer may help as well

just my 2 pennies

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huh, never herd of half blocks or any exposed bolt guns having problems with paint slowing down there hammers ... weird.
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Well my T2 is aweosmo, thanks ccm!
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No problems yet for me yet I am on number 2 .
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We've got 9 and counting and they're VERY well used and still doming skulls. Over 15 in BC that I know about so far and they all work great. We prefer to use our T2's over many of our other many custom halfblocks (And you wouldn't believe how many we have) and even our S6's which are now being neglected.

Expect more orders from the Tonsixer's soon CCM!

Please take a look at my anodizing album here: Tonsixer Anodizing
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