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Check-It Jr3 is the quietest barrel I've used. Anything with decent length and porting is going to be good. A homemade rain cover will also...keep out the rain quite well.
DSCF3875.flv video by sonnemann - Photobucket

And yeah the Woosh pictured above is just the UL front version. I'd love to have it for my Ti back
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Originally Posted by Mar View Post
try a carter woosh...
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Originally Posted by Feyd View Post
From what I have been told you don't want to use C02 on a T-2. Feyd.....
What have you been told? I'd love to hear more. Or is this more like, don't use dirty non-quality 12 grams like PPS says as well?
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Well I was talking to Rod and if I remember correctly he said that the T-2 was not designed to use C02. Something about the valve. I could be wrong but I think that was a part of the conversation I had with him. Now I have to post in the CCM section about this. Feyd..................
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deadlywind barrel with freak kit, you'll need some kind of inert kit so you dont get roll outs
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How's the view?
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These are quiet and accurate.
Look what I got!!
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i think the cupseal could be easily damaged if used with co2. not to sure though.
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Carter Woosh, or Stiffi. Quietest barrels you can currently buy.
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^^ The stiffi is quite quiet. You could probably pick up a .691 stiff for not too much coin and use the sizers.
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Im fully convinced the quietest barrel for A/C threaded bodies is my old Dye Boomstick. I use an 18 inch two piece glued.
Doesnt matter if I use it on other peoples markers either.
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Good luck trying to find one though in that size.

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