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Pic of the hopper's neck.

Those little "fins" taper in width and height.
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Originally Posted by 3L1te hax View Post
ITs what quite a few people say, 600 for a custom marker and you would expect that the feedneck fits straights off the bat... I dont have one so i wont comment...
But you did.

We offer the Winchester feedneck in the No-Rise (1.5") for CCM threads, Angel and STO/ Cockers.

Before we went and ran thousands of the Winchester feednecks we wanted to test the market and see what the demand was for them. Gauging that would determine if we did a run of the No-Pro versions as well.
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You can also get the winchester perfect fit adapter. It costs about $10.00 and will give you a snug fit in any style feedneck. I have it and switch out between that and my Sportshot without problems. You can pick it up and a the "Global Trading" website.
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The new Extreme Rage hopper fits the standard CCM feed neck perfectly. I also have a no pro feedneck on one of my guns and cut down the feed part of the hopper for that one gun. If you use aluminum tape around the feed it holds fine. The CCM feedneck for the Winchester hopper may be to small for the Extreme rage but I have not seen one to try it. And I've seen allot of size differences from different hopper manufacturers to blame the feedneck. Feyd............
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Originally Posted by duos_scythe View Post
Pic of the hopper's neck.

Those little "fins" taper in width and height.
hmm so it does taper outward... wierd


^And i did it while wearing a helmetcam^ in 1080P HD if you need proof
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I have a no-pro T2 and I wanted to get the new sportshot as well. Judging from the pic above I would say cut down the neck and then get the dremel out to make it uniform in size. It looks like there is enough material to make it fit. If not try an adaptor??? I have a fit adaptor from the Ton Sixers for my winchester and it fits great in the no pro. I just cant bring myself to cram a taped up thing into the goodness of a T2. The blame is obviously on the $10 hopper not the gun, and rightfully so.
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There is the simplest fix for all of this...

1) Stop caring what your marker looks like and do what's best to keep you playing. I guarantee that whether or not you have a little electrical tape in the feedneck will not change your ability to attract a member of whichever sex you prefer. I also guarantee that not having your hopper fall off will make for a more enjoyable day on the field.
2) Go play paintball...lots and lots of paintball. Scratch up your marker. Buff out the sides of the body where maybe the pump arm rubs a little. Wear in your bolt. Polish your hammer, not by removing it, but by using it. Don't clean your gun because you're going to play tomorrow anyways...and after tomorrow wipe it down with a cloth so you don't stain your couch while you practice dry-snapping in the house. Put a drop of oil in the ASA and do it all again next Saturday. You will forget that you had to wedge something in your feedneck.

And one more thing...the famous comment in here is, "you pay $600 for a gun and you expect _____." Yes, you pay $600 for a gun and you expect to purchase a nice marker that DON'T expect to get amazing customer service, a lifetime warranty on virtually anything (I'm pretty sure that if you broke a ball in a CCM gun, they'd ship you a case of paint for free), endless parts so that you can fine tune your marker to make it just how you like it, and most importantly, you get a gun that simply WILL NOT STOP SHOOTING UNTIL YOU DO! Take those $600 expectations to anybody else and see what comes up...I remember when people were paying a grand for a Carter and then paying another $200 after they got it to make it work. I love Earon to bits, and he did a lot for us, but imho, you cannot find any better customer service than CCM.

Apologies for the rant...I'm bored and am waiting to go play. My S6 is a mess but I know that when I get out there, its going to shoot. Thanks go to CCM for putting a factory marker together that can even stand up to the abuse that I give my markers. And btw...I have a piece of cardboard I found on the ground at the field wedged in my feedneck to keep my sportshot from spinning...yes, I still get kills and my wife still finds me moderately attractive.
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That last line of your rant is pure genius...
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Whats the problem?

Order the right feed neck. The right tool for the job,

Problem solved. As Feyd has said standard 1.5" fits it fine. No glue , wedges, tape.........required.

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sweet sticker
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