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.67cal Buwwets!
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You Sell, I Buy! I want one of these for sure.
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I will take one please.
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"Set The Bar Low"
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By my count there is 11 so count me in on the list as #11 not sure I'll ever go stock class but just in case.
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Don't sell them. And if you do, sell only one on Ebay and let the bidding go up and up!
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Boom. Yummy
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I really miss the one I sold
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I'm Comin' To Getcha!
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Fan of EMR
I don't even have a CCM gun yet and I want one of these badly!
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Miembro de MCB
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Without a doubt, sell them. The demand is there. Speaking of which, I'll take one of them if you decide to sell.
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Serving Tea for CCM
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Well... If there is ever a sell off... I would like to be on the list as well
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I would take one for a T2 so please sell. I need one before i deploy!
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Consider this my declaration of instant cash upon the availability of one of these and their compatibility with a Series 6.5 that I will purchase alongside it... Just so long as you gloss black anno the stock feed to match it for me.

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