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86 vs 45

just wondering what you guys and girls thought on the subject
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86 vs. 45? What?

Edit: Yeah, I'm an idiot.

I currently have an 86 on my SS-25 and I couldn't tell you what playing with a 45 is like, since I've been using it for so long. I'm torn as to what to get my new T2 frame as well.

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i love 86* on phantoms/pistol/micro stuff

but i love 45* on anythin with a rear tank (if that makes sense)
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It is all personal preference the only thing else to consider is that there are more aftermarket grips for the 45
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I love the 86 on anything, it just feels better in my hands, but its all personal preference, also I'd like to point out that I feel like I have a better grip on my gun with the 86 frames

if you can, get the 86 in your hands, the 45 feels similar to most other frames out there, but 86 frames aren't nearly as common
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I own multiple CCM guns with both styles. If I was to call Mel and order something brand new it would have a 86*. It fits the way I hold the gun better, giving me more positive contact with the marker. I kinda limp wrist a 45*, and the ball of my hand doesnt hit a 45* frame. But the kick on the 86* hits my palm perfectly.

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my choice was more about tank sizes

i shot a T2 with an 86º frame and a 13ci tank, and i hated how short it was, i figured 86º+reverse drop+ninja regged 13, and is worse comes to it, a reg extender would move the tank far enough back for it to fit me comfortably.. or if i lucked out and got a 22ci tank, then the 86º with a regular rail (or if i flipped the reverse drop around) would hold such a long tank in a lil better position for me..

whereas with a 45, id have to go out of my way to make a 22 far enough forward to fit my arms, and if i used a 13, it still might be too long or too short...

i went with an 86º.... with a myth'd 22.. its just about perfect



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I tend to chicken wing with 86*, so I use 45* frames
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Try them both and pick. Personally I perfer the 45 trigger frame, have an S6 w/ 45 and run a small HPA tank. I use my middle finger on my right hand to shoot with. The way I hold the marker, either trigger frame is about the same.
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45 will put your tank further back. I like the feel and look of 45 better. 86 makes the marker slightly taller and puts your tank slightly forward compared to 45. I can play a little tighter with an 86.

I wouldn't put an 86 on the S6 because of the beavertail but it could go well with the T2.
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