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Grip Frames...

Hey guys,
just wondering why you guys choose an 86 frame over a 45 frame or vice versa.?? what made you get what you have now? I am currently in the market for a nice CCM pump but i want to know why you guys choose which frame to get. i can tell by looks alone that its completely different but maybe you owners on here can help a future owner out and tell me which one to get? all the advice will be appreciated.
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Comfort in term of the 86 and just because it look different.
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If possible you should try shooting both. The 86 frame has a natural tendency to tuck your elbow in. I switched to the 45 frame about 3 years back but I can't remember why. Because I'm so use to my 45 now, when I shoot my 86 my shots are below point of aim. In any case, if you practice enough you will become accustom to any frame.

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Best bet is to try before you buy.

If you can't. You are more than likely used to a 45* frame. Why try something you are unfamiliar with.

All of my pump markers use a 45* frame.
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I have a 45 on my T2 and an 86 on my s6.5, It might just be in the way I play but I find with the 86 it sits in my hand alot nicer and when I pump the gun faster I have better control over the gun
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the 86 makes holding your marker tight to your body more comfortable but if you hold your marker some distance from your body the 45 will be better.
For those that have both this test can display that. If you hold your markerat arms length with a straight arm, the 86 will actually point down some because our grip naturally leans forward however the 45 will allow the marker to sit straight. Hence pulling the marker in to the body creates too much side bend in the wrist with the 45 and the 86 allows the wrist to remain in a natural position.
Real hand guns display this, notice most have a 45 grip to allow for level aim, however most rifles with a vertical grip have a grip that is greater than 45 since your hand is tight to your body.
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i have an 86 slider and a 45 thin frame and for some reason i seem to like the 45 more......could be thats what im used to over the yrs but unless ya had a smaller hand the 86 seems .....small and odd to me...still very nice either way
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i like to play my marker tight to my body so 90* and in this case the 86* frame feels better i feel like i am extending my arms further when i use my sniper with a 45 slider
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I agree, the 86* makes it a lot easier to play tighter, that is why I'm a fan.

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honestly, i went with looks, the 86 frame just looks like alot more completed unit with the included delrin panels, it all just "looks" right, the 45 is... well, a 45 frame, its kinda generic in my opinion, and the panels look cheesy, that and i have a major hatred for the plastic grip panel trend thats been going on for the last few years.. buying a gun that i wouldnt feel right shooting UNTIL i bought another product for it just seemed like a waste

as far as accuracy, im just as accurate with this fame on my gun as i am with any of my other .45 framed guns, maybe even more..

tucked elbow, natural point of aim.. whatever you wanna call it, it looks good, and it fires a ball when i pull the trigger.. everything else is semantics


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