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Angry Iso T2 Help!

Hey MCB,

I'm currently having massive troubles with my T2. i have tried multiple things to fix multiple problems and i find my self stuck. word of warning, im not super good with autocockers and disassembling them. Before my t2 i had a 04 prostock for ~ 5 years and the only thing i did was take the bolt out and swab. i watched a reassembly video by muddytaco (i think) before i even bought the t2 and the first time i took it apart i had the video right there and had no problem.

Problem #1

My Reg. It doesn't work. Air will not pass through it. It all started when i disassembled it one day to lube up the inside and clean it all and make it nice. when i reassembled the gun air would not go through it. i was in a rush to get to work so i left my gun there and had a friend go there later and try to see what was wrong with it. he said he fixed the issue but the gun was extremely inconsistent, especially when using the auto-trigger. ( spiked > 50 Fps with every 3-5 shots.) when i went back the next day i took the reg apart again (after re-watching muddy tacos video) and saw that my friend had reassembled it completely wrong. thats also when i realized what i did wrong when assembling it. the black part in the bottom with the 'nipple' looking piece was upside down :S i have taken it apart cleaned it and put it back together multiple diff ways. lubed, dry, and double lubed and none worked.

so what im asking is did i f*** my reg up by putting it together wrong and airing it up? or is it even my reg? some1 suggested that it may be my asa. with i doubt considering i put my brothers hyper 2 on and it works. (very inconsistent, but works)

Problem #2

since my reg has stopped working i tried 2x diff regs on it. my bro's hyper 2 and a friends cp shortie. Both regs were terribly inconsistent and terribly inefficient. what would be the best way to make my gun more efficient as well as consistent. i here people getting +-3 Fps over the chrono with t2's as well as an amazing amount of shots out of a 13 ci Tank (my setup). i would love nothing more than to get this gun up to its potential.

also when i took the t2 apart this week end i noticed what looked like a glob of paint on the valve ( hard to see what it actually was). i have never taken a valve out of a cocker or even seen the one on my prostock so i have no idea if the problem may lie there. i dont actually own a cocker valve tool but if people think the problem could be there ill most definitely fork out the cash for one.

That's all i can think of for now. any help is much appreciated.

Thanks in advance


p.s. also I'm a Canadian so calling mel & the team @ ccm is kinda of a pain so would prefer to do it here. if i must i obv will tho
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Regardless of where you are out of I would *strongly* recommend calling us directly. It is your best bet. We’re here M-F 7am to 3pm pst.

Mel @ CCM
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mel is on here (ccmchick), you can just message her. shes very busy but usually in a couple days shell get back to you.

as for the efficiency, ccms are pretty much as efficient as you can get. the only thing ive really heard of (possibly, lack of sleep so cant remember exactly) is to polish the internals a little bit. be very careful, and i think this gets them just very slightly more efficient, but again im not sure.

im not a gun expert, but it sounds like based on what youre describing, you should take the internals out to clean if you have globs of paint all over them. contact talfuchre on here if you have questions, he knows probably just as much as mel about ccms.
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ah...beat me to it mel..
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Have you read the Reg disassembly and servicing manual in the stickies above?

Do so, take it apart - make it look like the pictures in the manual and reassemble.

The thing to look for here is a bent pin. If it is bent (which it likely is) it is screwed up.

Don't ever take something apart you do not understand or is not broken.

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Being in Canada is not a pain, they've got a toll-free number. Give 'em a call, you'll most likely solve your T2 problems!
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Back to paintball.
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Send a message via AIM to Ir0nExpress

Or use Skype to make calls if you ever need to call outside of your area.
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Where in Canada are you?

Pinnacle Paintball

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Originally Posted by SnowZone View Post
Where in Canada are you?
Kichener ontario. I actulay bought the gun through pinnacle
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kk i followed the video stickie'd in this thread ( thanks tf ) and the gun is now airing up. ill have to wait till tonight / tomorrow to actually chrono and test efficiency.

quick question so i have some sort of reference. on avg how many shots can a t2 get out of a 13ci filled to 3k?

thanks again

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