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I'm so torn...

I have a CCM S6.5 but I really want a full bodied S6 to go along with it. My feeling is that I will only use one or the other and I consider it a sin to toss one in the bag. I guess my question to you guys and gals if you own more than 1 type of CCM gun do you alternate frequently or do you find one you always favor and the other sits in the bag or at home??? I just dont want to dump the money in and have one sit but I love collecting guns ugh DONT KNOW WHAT TO DOOOOO! FML!!!!
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i have the feeling you would favor one over the other and the one you dont use will wind up on the chopping block. a buddy of mine owned 2-3 ccms at one point, and he set them up for different things. (one had 45 no stock, one had 86 with stock)
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I own three of them, and while there are always two markers not being used, I don't mind. I switch them up here and there, and there is always a great loaner in case a friend's gun goes down. I pretty much favor my T2 but really have a hard time not shooting all three throughout the day's play.
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I dunno about u, but I have this sick j2l....j/k man
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I say buy it, you wont be disapointed. IMO, a S6 is a must have gun for a CCM collector. I have 6 CCM's and allthough I don't use them all equally, I do use them all. I have actually sold off many of my non CCM guns because pretty much only ever want to use my CCM's.
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I have 4 and Only use 1, lend the others out, but I can't bring myself to sell them.
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I have had nearly every marker CCM has made.

If I had ONE to shoot it would be the S6. I know the marker inside and out - and I would know what it was doing at all times.

With that said - I choose to shoot my 6.5 lately. Simply because it is lighter.

You won't be sad with either - buy what you want - shoot the heck out of it and decide from there. It isn't like you will loose much money if you decide to switch.

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You are welcome to try my J2L if you wish(pretty much the same thing as a S6). I'll be at classic paintball April 3rd. If you want to use it let me know ahead of time so I can bring it.

My reasons for not using my S6.5 are because:
1. J2L has hard anno. S6.5 has dust. Hard anno = easier to clean, it doesn't stain and it is more resistant to scratches.
2. J2L is full blocked. You can't get dirt/paint into the hammer area.

Now if i was going into a pump tournament, the s6.5 would be my choice since it is lighter.
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i feel you, i own a kick *** 6.5, and i keep thinking i need a T2


^And i did it while wearing a helmetcam^ in 1080P HD if you need proof
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Originally Posted by noclue119 View Post
You are welcome to try my J2L if you wish(pretty much the same thing as a S6).......
Originally Posted by dukduk View Post
I dunno about u, but I have this sick j2l....j/k man
lol I bought his j2l, I was kinda teasing him about it
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