CCM Chipley Machine

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batteries not required
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Both are good barrels; I use both the stock barrel kit as well as my 14in deadlywind fibur barrel with full freak kit. I have to use the stock barrel when I'm at the local field because the paint they use are tiny. i have the full ccm barrel kit and i find i have to use the .675 bottom almost all the time; i get roll outs when using the freak .679 insert (my detents are in great shape in case you're wondering). if I'm playing on a private/outlaw field than i can bring my own paint and i'm free to use my DW barrel.

on another note (no intention of thread jacking, let me know if you i am and I'll edit this out), does anyone find the stock barrel is particularly loud? i notice a huge difference between my DW and the stock barrel.
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i've used freak kits, kaner kits and ccm kits and by far the ccms out shoot the other without a doubt
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.67cal Buwwets!
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The CCM barrels are definetly not the quietest with only 3 rows of porting, but still not overly loud. I would like to see 6 rows of porting personally but I am not too worried about it. CF absorbs more sound than aluminum too, the DW barrels only have 3 rows but the CF is the reason its quieter. My quietest barrel is my Sanchez SM1, it has 8 rows of porting, I love that barrel but it is heavy and only matches my S5, which I use it on frequently.
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I second him^^^^
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