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Stock Barrel or Aftermarket?

Just wondering what barrel you guys use on your CCM's. Do you use/ keep the stock barrel or do you use an after market barrel? any suggestions or advice is welcomed.
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I normally use a Deadlywind Fibur with freak inserts. But I also keep my CCM barrel for my other markers. I really like the ccm barrel but I like 14 inches over a 12 inch barrel.
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CCM doesn't make a 14in barrel?
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no, just the 12. from what ive heard ccm barrels are fantastic. i just personally like my deadlywind w/ freak inserts. but some of the people i play with consistently use their ccm barrels (cough cough whiskey with several full kits..)
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At first I was really torn - I have a full Matchstik kit that I dearly love along with a 4-piece CP kit that I like a lot... the CCM is match annoed to my 6.5 so I tried to use it until I saw something I didn't like - so far I like the CCM (mainly due to the small bore sizes not included with my other kits) quite a bit.

I don't mind the short barrel length but wonder about the short sizer length. Both the Macdev and CP have at least 4" backs compared to the ~2" CCM.
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I was lucky enough to find and use a 14" CCM CF barrel and their 14" aluminum barrel they used to sell. Keep your eye on the BST forums here; 14" barrels pop up from time to time. I sold my Freak kit because the CCM barrels out shot it when I would use both barrels.
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I like my stock barrel. I have no issue with the length and I love the full sizer kit.

I have an iFit kit and have used Freaks...I am just trying to slim down the number of different systems in my bag...

I also like to try and keep my marker looking stock, but have all the performance possible... so I like stock barrels bored for freaks or other inserts (dont think that can be done with the CCM barrel tho)
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I use my stock barrels, they shoot just as good as any aftermarket barrel could hope to and they look the best on the CCM's IMO. CCM doesn't put crappy barrels on their guns like most manufacturers do, I like the small sizers for when paint is brittle, I get less barrel breaks. I also use Freak setups but lately I have thinned my collection down and mainly run CCM guns w/ stock barrels.
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Eigenbarrel with Marbalizers ftw
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Deadlywind with ultra evil or marbs for xball practice
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