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Yeah, I'm sold. I had my first complete day with my own S6 today and I was blown away. I only took advantage of the AT two or three times to get out of a jam but I love how easy/smooth it was to use with my off-hand.

Besides my Phantoms, which I will never part with, it is getting hard to justify anything other than the S6.

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I've handled a few T2s recently, and I'm really thinking about buying one for my next gun.

I'm kind of afraid to, because then I don't know what'll happen to my DSG...I've already got my K-Framed PMI-1 that I also love but can't bring myself to use any more.
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One of my biggest regrets for paintball was trading off my S6.5. That gun was the definition of perfection to me. The sexy milling and style of the S6, with the awesome halfblock look of the T2. Not to mention the boost in efficiency.

But everything about that gun was perfect. The feel, the performance, the style, everything. Short of the DD.68 which will come with me to the grave, it was by far my favorite gun. My S6 is very close, but it's just not the same. I miss my old T2 as well, but the S6.5 just bothers me every time I think about.

Well, except for the fact that my new one will be here tomorrow

EDIT: Idkfa, do you have any pictures of your S6? I'm curious to see the beauty that ended your gun-buying haha!
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I will get pictures shortly. There are pictures of it in the BST but they don't do it justice. I now have a nicer barrel, air line setup, and cleaned it all off.
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I've also slimmed down to Three markers. Two of which are CCM's. Fact of the matter is I've never had trouble with a ccm marker when I take it out of storage to use. No fiddling, not just works.

Here's what I have left....

VSC Phantom I won in a drawing over on Phog years and year ago...

Koolaid, my only semi. The only one I've ever needed....

And the reason I sold all my other cocker/sniper parts and bits....

The gear bag is much smaller now. Instead of three marker cases going to SPE I have one.
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OK, you people are so mean. I haven't even got my Retro 7 or my Metadyne pump yet and now I want one of these. I wanted to stop the gun-whoring at 4 guns, two pumps and two semis, but it is never ending... Stupid MCB

Funny thing is I still haven't even played a game of Pump yet. (I have always been limited to 40 or less shots on the field though)

These CCM's are so pretty.
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