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That's it, I am done.

I am done buying guns. I am done trying to find that perfect gun that I never seem to be able to find. No more wasted money pursuing complete and utter happiness.

I just received my new (to me) S6. While I have used an S6 in a few games before, there is some sort of special attachment that develops when you know the gun you are holding is yours.

I am thinking of selling a few guns and sticking to my two Phantoms (SC and light OC) and the S6. CCM could have saved me a ton of money if I bought it years ago.
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The S6 is truly a must have pump gun. There isn't a better looking full bodied gun in existance IMO, and we all know the feared and respected CCM performance. I have recently thinned my herd of markers down because I only really ever use my CCM's. I sold off my DRV spot, my DSG, Duckslide, 2 nicely equipped Phantom packages,and a few other guns that were just sitting idle. My S6 was the first gun I bought new from CCM, and the gun that really made me commit to playing pump 99% of the time, I absolutely love it and enjoy every round fired through it. It really saw a lot of use when I first got it, heck the first day I used it I put 1500rnds thru it. I have since bought 2 more CCM direct guns, and I know I will be on the phone w/ Mel or Laurie a few more times with cash in my pocket, burnin' a big hole right in it, like a kid w/ a dollar looking at Hot Wheels cars (they probably are more than $1 now.....?)

I was kind of hoping this thread was a getting out, and selling my CCM's cheap thread

BTW, if you want a light OC setup, pick up a 13ci tank and a Winchester or APP pocket hopper, it will barely be noticeable heavier than an OC Phantom. All this talk really has me itching to play, SPE is getting close!
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im glad i never really went through the multiple guns. i went directly from my phantom to ccm and i loved my 6.5. ill agree the s6 is very sexy, but ive been borrowing my buddy's old s5 and i was shooting like never before. im almost thinking of picking up a s5 and calling it a day
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Back to paintball.
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I finding buying a gun new makes you a little more attached than the horded random off a BST. It took me 2 years of struggling before I sold my original phantom, even though about 6 or 7 changed my hands from others.
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I guess I've done the smart thing in saving money by making my 2nd pump gun a T2 (in the long run anyways). i'll probably still blow some money when i pickup stock class.

But the s6 is a really smooth gun. i've had the pleasure of shooting a friends a few times before. if only i didn't play with such a tight profile (I get lens bite often) with my stubby tank I would love to get my hands on a s6 as well.
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I did the same thing. I bought multiple OC pump setups, even used S6s and SS-25s. Then I bought MY S6 new from CCM. I wish I would have just done that at the start. But, I would have missed so many gun whore opportunities.


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While I may be in the market for a second CCM (perhaps a 6.5), I'll live and die by my T2.

My Mini, Tac-One, Dragun, etc. have been sitting on the shelf for a while now. Don't know if I could ever part with them (saving at least a couple for the kids when they get older), but I doubt I'll play much with them ever again.
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Going out the other day took my new T2 with me although excited kind of felt like I was cheating on my favorite old pump that I loved for so long.I left my rf cocker knowing it would be my back up from now on also knowing I am holding one of the finest markers ever made with beautiful anno and will have no need to buy another.I know how you feel, my time in the buy sell is very short now because I feel there is nothing better than what I just bought.
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sadly enough, I picked up a S6 18 months ago, it gets the majority of my playing really do not need anything else...
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Agreed. I love my S6. It gets the most playing time of all my shooters. Fun marker with a sweet pump action.

Andry : )

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