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Nickel Plated T2's

Paul (C5Tek on the boards) and myself have had these in the works for some time now. I've had to play many a game without my T2, and defer many a question on where it was.

But now... We can reveal:

Here's some camera shots of the family of T2's

This one is Paul's... Have you ever seen an Apex 2 nickel plated barrel? It's a first...

Misc Nickel Plated CCM Stuff... From other bodies and feeds, sizers, and there is even a Stock Class CCM Feed in there too.

Let me just say... They look even more amazing in person. I love the look. This was well worth the wait for the reveal.
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Completely awesome, Carter. Which one did you end up giving to Rod and Mel? I don't think I was there yet when you gave them the surprise.

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I couldn't keep my eyes off these. So gorgeous.

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These were the shinyest CCM's I have ever seen, at first, I didn't even recognize it as a T2 cause it wasn't the normal gloss silver we are all used to seeing, I did a tripple take and finally realized what it was, they definetly look great in person.
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Is that a nickel dw back in there? Thats awesome.
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Ya, I was all over those! It was tough to see how cool that tone of the color of the nickle plating in the sun. But it really stands out in those pictures. Just a really good look going! Congrats! Feyd.............
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I confess... I now want to Aurora one...

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That nickel DW barrel is ridiculous. I want to know what Colin's response was to it. Maybe a new option?
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The Triplets are hands downs the most beautiful CCM's we have ever seen. There are simply no words to describe other than wow!
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