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Originally Posted by sQuidvision View Post
sorry to keep pushing it... but any idea how expensive? The T2 isn't exactly a budget marker to begin with
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starts off small at first
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Using mags for a big game where you're gonna wanna find a nice perch, may require 30-50 rounds with out the hassle of reloading during the game. That can add up isf each mag is gonna cost $50
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my 2 cents are that it may be the combination of detent + 'slow' movement of the bolt backwards + the way the mags pushes the next round in (or at least the last one) that allows for the mis alignment (head down, skirt up.. or in this case, head right, skirt left).

perhaps the breach needs to be shaped into a 'funnel' to realign the shots? or place a second, off center detent that touches the skirt of rounds that got misaligned (but not of the ones that are aligned properly).

but then again, you guys probably know this stuff a lot better than some internet warrior... any ideas on time/moneydollars for its release? and can it be converted to normal feedneck too?
Originally Posted by Crimson Death View Post
This is MCB we have higher standards than that! Go post that drivel on PBN!
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Yes, why is this the first time I'm hearing about this???
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This is weird.

Rod and I were just discussing this mag fed gun.

And we keep coming back to a sort of a purpose built tube fed 12 gram stock class gun which in essence would be mag fed. maybe. If I made square feed tubes would that be a mag?

no, it wouldn't be FS

Just a thought.
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Please make this happen, I want one so bad. I would even volunteer to buy one just to test one for ya and give forth my input and design sugestions. I have been working with Stark Pursuit on their phantom zeta mag adaptor AKA the Menace and I would love to try anything close to what you have posted on page one. (also just posting to sub and if there is one, getting on the waiting list for said project)

My Feedback


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In a fantasy world. I'd like something like a t2 but in the skin of something like the hammer 7. And for capable of course.
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something occured to me regarding the issue of FS being nose heavy. if pushing one FS round in with your finger works, then what a magfed system needs is something that pushes the round in like a finger would.

pull pump handle > lift the finger mechanism > fs goes in > finger mech closes and pushes fs round in > push pump handle and the bolt pushes the fs round forward > finger mech opens
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More excited about a CCM S/C marker. Phantom with the stroke of a T2! Mind blown!
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