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Originally Posted by csermonet47 View Post

I want to hear more info on these. If I recall correctly (which might be a little off since I have been on a 3.5 year hiatus), the first 100 Works guns were based off the AKA extrusions and there were only 30 or so P-Block guns. When did Works become CCM and what was the story behind it? Maybe some employees can shed some light on the facts behind these guns. What years certain styles were made, wire detents vs. spring detents, when they switched things around, what factory "unicorns" there were, etc. It almost seems like every gun is different in little ways between milling, trigger frames, and other options. I would like the separate the slop from the facts!

Here is mine (shameless whoring):

Grrr... I've been looking for that exact gun for ages! Man that thing is nice

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I know I'm necroing this thread a ton but I thought I would add some more info, and in to hopes that more will arise.

There are several variations of the Works autococker that have come out over the years. When they first started out, they were manufactured by Chipley Custom Machine (CCM) but prior to the company taking that name and were referred to as the Works Autococker.

There were a few different body styles for Works autocockers that came out over the years. A primary way to identify Works are by the milling along the side of the marker. The first generation only had 3 pill style indentations along the lower body and were based off Merlin bodies. The second generation had 4 pills milled in the side and the third had 4 oval shaped indentations along the side, these were made by CCM. There are also mini Works cockers out there; these only have 3 oval shaped millings on the side.
Works autocockers came in both sliders and hinge frames. The sliders will have “WORKS” engraved into the grip frame above the trigger shoe while the hinge frames will feature a Works “W” on them. There were slider frames for both older and newer models, the older models came with solid slide trigger plates while the later ones were milled. The hinge was a newer design and only found on the newer models.
You can find works cockers with both normal back blocks as well as P-blocks - I am not sure which to associate with what generations. If anyone knows make a comment and I’ll add it in.
For the most part Works came with angel threaded feednecks, however there are several floating about that have Merlin feednecks. Generation 1 bodies I believe are typically spring detent, generation 2 can be found in both spring or wire detent and generation 3 bodies are wire detent.
The earliest Works autocockers came with a variety of parts. They were built off Merlin bodies and came with a Macdev regulators (Gladiator HPR and Sonic LPR). They had WGP STO Rams and CCM 3ways. It was not until the third generation of Works that the pneumatics were done completely by CCM.

There are a fair number of Works markers around; I’ve been seeing them sell for around $250 - $450 depending on their configuration and condition.

1st Generation

2nd Generation

3rd Generation

Works Mini

Lastly here is mine

The source is Reddit, so take what it says with a grain of salt.
gloss silver/red Works series 3
dust red/black Works series 2

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This came up recently on CustomCockers. Per that post, Marty Garrison of Wildside Sports in Southlake, TX commissioned the parts from CCM and then assembled and sold the completed markers, which were also distributed by Diablo.
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Very cool, thanks for the info!I'm glad to find out more about the marker's history and its crazy to think that a lot of people, myself included, have mistaken these as a "ccm Works." Thanks again, I like learning about its history. I guess Marty's Works with a CCM Pump Kit would be more appropriate.
gloss silver/red Works series 3
dust red/black Works series 2
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I am reviving this thread to look for my old gun I sold in 2003. Here are two pics that I did not take but can be found in the links to follow:

I am now trying to follow the bouncing ball and see if I can find the person who has it now. I don't remember who I sold it to, but IcyKoolAid sold it to Minimag03 around 4-26-11:

Then Minimag03 sold it on 8-4-11 to I think maybe WCheatwood:

There is no way to confirm from the thread and I have pm'd both, but that was 3 years ago, and I was hoping someone here had maybe seen it again. Minimag03 did post the same picture of it on PBNation 1-31-13, but I am thinking he was just posting pics of cockers he had in the past:

Official Autococker Pic Thread V2 - NO TEXT POSTS

Any help would be really appreciated as I would really like to find a way to get her back. From these pictures it looks like nothing was changed from when I had her.

Thank you.
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Those MacDev LPR's are absolutely my favorite LPR ever!
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