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Attaching the ASA?

Newb question. How do you attach the ASA to the microrail? It slides onto the rail then do you tighten the two Allen screws to spread the rail? I'm afraid of stripping the microrail or the Allen screws.

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That's exactly how you do it. Just make sure not to make them too tight, and you'll be alright.
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What I do is snug them both down until they touch, slide on the ASA, and then turn each about a quarter of a turn, alternating from one to the other, until the ASA feels good and snug and then at most another 1/2 turn. If it is a brand new setup they will sometimes need to be snugged up a few times before they are bedded in properly, mine seemed to need a few days use and then they hold solid as a rock. You definetly don't want to over tighten them but just don't go crazy, feel it out, as you tighten one the tension on the other one will usually change and need to be snuggled up a bit more to match.
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